For this extreme CBT session, I am going to start with your shaft.

Trust me, when I am done with our extreme CBT session, your shaft will be the least of your worries.

First, I start by placing your shaft in a metal cock cage. It’s a simple one, with two rings on each end, with four bars on all sides. In fact, there’s a lot of access to your shaft for my fingers and toys. Obviously, I make sure the chastity is nice and tight because I want to play with your cock while I torture your balls.

Once the chastity is on, I bend you over a nice good spanking bench. I clamp down your right hand, then your left hand. Once your hands are both in restraints, I move to your legs. There’s a lot of work to be done in an extreme CBT session! At least you aren’t a human toilet slave that I often play with.

First, I spread your ankles apart, teasing the insides of your thighs with my gloved hands. Then, I happily place a spreader bar between your feet. When I lock the spreader bar onto your ankles, I give each cuff a good tug. As I stand up, I hit your balls with my hand, as if petting them. “Good boy,” I tell you.

That’s how you know the extreme CBT session has begun.

Then I smack them once, hard. In fact, I leave then only to collect a few toys and instruments in front of you- a flog, a spreader, a castration bander, and also a pair of steel-toed high heels I found via Amazon. I make you watch as I put the heels on, and I place my old heel in your mouth. “If you drop it,” I tell you and hold up the castration bander. “There will be no more extreme CBT sessions.” I lean forward so you can clearly see my lips. “Because you will have no balls to torture.”

I pull back and get the spreader, clamping it around your testicles. You groan, but my shoe stays in your mouth. I pat your ass for a moment, tugging the spreader with my hands. In response, your body flinches. In light of your pain, I cannot help the smile that covers my mouth.

I lean back and grab the flogger. In an instant, my hard leather is whipping itself along your sensitive balls. I hear you gasp, but I don’t care. Seriously, we both know that this is my extreme CBT session. I am just taking out my aggression on those sweet family jewels.

Ah, but the shoe almost dropped from your mouth!

That won’t do.

I lean back and give a swift, solid kick to your ballsack. As a result, the spreader hits your body. Given your yell, it must be very painful. Good. I give you another kick. And then another. I do not stop until I am certain your balls are mush in this extreme CBT session.

Tell me, do you still have my shoe in your mouth? Or should you call me for an intense humiliation sex hotline call while I mock you for dropping it?

At the very least, you should let me know how sore your balls are. Tribute me with your story.


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