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Dana is a cheating girlfriend.

Cheating Girlfriend; I wanted a Little On The Side

I Wanted A Little On The Side I have become something I never intended to. The c...

11 months ago
Dana is a cheating girlfriend

Cheating Girlfriend; We Couldn’t Resist Each other

I Became A Nawty Cheating Girlfriend My boyfriend and I share a house with anoth...

Dana tells a good incest story

Incest Story; I Enjoyed Watching Him Stroke

It Was The Beginning Of A Hot Incest Story My mom got remarried when I was in my...

Dana is into BDSM Story

BDSM Story; An Evening Of Sexual Exploration

I Gave Him His Very Own BDSM Story I decided to give my boyfriend something I re...

small penis humiliation is Dana's favorite

Small Penis Humiliation; It Wasn’t What I Expected

Small Penis Humiliation Wasn’t What I Expected You know they say if someth...

2 years ago
Dana loves group sex

Group Sex; The Halloween Party Was More Wicked Than I Expected

A Halloween Party With Lots Of Group Sex Not that long ago I moved into a new ap...

Dana is the perfect naughty neighbor

Naughty Neighbor; I Got To Know My Neighbors Really Well

I Was Considered The Naughty Neighbor I have a feeling some of the ladies in the...

lesbian sex with Dana Is so hot!

Lesbian Sex; His Birthday Surprise Was Double Trouble

I Gave A Lesbian Sex Show For My Boyfriend My boyfriend has made no secret of th...

Dana has a masturbation addiction

Masturbation; Paying The Price For Getting Caught Paying With Myself

Sometimes You Just Can’t Resist I have always had a high sex drive. Mastur...

strap on play with Dana

Strap On Play; Feeling Sexy And Powerful When I Fuck Him

Strap on play makes me feel sexy and powerful A girlfriend of mine asked me if I...

Dana can tell you the hottest teen sex story

Teen Sex Story; Young Love And The Perverted Neighbor

A teen sex story. We Were Busted! Caught In The Act I have a kind of unusual tee...

Dana loves being part of a sugarbaby story

Sugarbaby Story; He Had Needs And I Knew What I Wanted

I Never Knew That I’d Be A Sugarbaby The last year and a half I had my ver...

Dana has a cuckold story to tell

Cuckold Story; My Sweet Boyfriend Came Up A Bit Short

My Boyfriend is sweet But He Comes Up A Bit Short I’m sure most of us that...

Dana loves a great foot fetish phone sex story

Foot Fetish Story; He Loves Sexy Feet And I Give It To Him So Good

My Foot Fetish Boy Drives Me Crazy The new guy I’ve been dating has a real...

age play stories are Dana's favorite

Age Play Stories; He Taught Me A Lot More Than Just About Math

Age Play Stories Can Be Very Hot Age play stories can be very hot, I know mine s...

true sex stories are so hot with Dana

True Sex Stories; He Gave Me A Raise And I Gave Him A Raise

We all Have True Sex Stories We all have some true sex stories, right? Hot sex s...

Dana has a impregnation fantasy

Impregnation Fantasy; Fill Me With Your Seed Baby!

Fill Me With Your Seed Baby! I got a call from a man that was into impregnation ...

Have some rough with Dana

Rough Sex: Sometimes Playing Rough Feels So Good

Sometimes I Like It Rough My current boyfriend really loves rough sex. I had tri...

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