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Dana loves a great foot fetish phone sex story

Foot Fetish Story; He Loves Sexy Feet And I Give It To Him So Good

My Foot Fetish Boy Drives Me Crazy The new guy I’ve been dating has a real...

age play stories are Dana's favorite

Age Play Stories; He Taught Me A Lot More Than Just About Math

Age Play Stories Can Be Very Hot Age play stories can be very hot, I know mine s...

true sex stories are so hot with Dana

True Sex Stories; He Gave Me A Raise And I Gave Him A Raise

We all Have True Sex Stories We all have some true sex stories, right? Hot sex s...

Dana has a impregnation fantasy

Impregnation Fantasy; Fill Me With Your Seed Baby!

Fill Me With Your Seed Baby! I got a call from a man that was into impregnation ...

Have some rough with Dana

Rough Sex: Sometimes Playing Rough Feels So Good

Sometimes I Like It Rough My current boyfriend really loves rough sex. I had tri...

3 months ago
Dana loves a gangbang story

Gang Bang Story; I Love To Play With My Guy Friends

I Didn’t Plan For It To Happen I never expected hanging out with some frie...

Dana has some hot escort stories

Escort Stories; Using My Slutty Skills To Make Big Money

He Was Looking For More Than Just A Maid Not long ago, I was looking for a way t...

Dana likes having hot sex

Hot Sex ; The Gift Of Phone Sex

Hot Sex Calls, And then I Heard A Familiar Voice The other night I was just taki...

Dana loves to do any incest story phone sex

Incest Story; We Were Hot Young Cousins Learning to play

A Hot Story About Playing With My Female Cousin Let me tell you about a hot ince...

Gisele loves a great panty fetish story

Panty Fetish Story; My Co Worker Had A Thing For My Panties

My Co-Worker Had A Secret There’s this new guy at work, we get along reall...

Dana loves cock sucking stories

Cock Sucking; Tricks And Treats At The Halloween Party

I Had More Fun Than I Expected At The Halloween Party One of my friends was havi...

Dana loves a great spanking story

Spanking; He Disciplined Me with A Harsh But Sensual Spanking

He Was A Dominant Male If you’ve had enough boyfriends, one of them will h...

7 months ago

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