My Foot Fetish Boy Drives Me Crazy

The new guy I’ve been dating has a real thing for feet. I actually met him when I was shopping for shoes. He specifically got a job in the shoe store while he’s working his way through college. He loves feet so much. And He knew it was the best place for him. This foot fetish story began simply enough. He brought me the shoes I wanted to try on and when I put them on I noticed he seemed to get hard. I could see the bulge in his pants as I stood up and walked around trying them out. He was really cute, so I boldly took a pen out of my purse and wrote my number in his hand.

He Wanted To Give Me A  Foot Massage

I bought the shoes and a few hours later he called me and we made plans to meet for drinks.  And I liked him and noticed several times during our date he glanced at my feet. I mentioned this, and he confessed he had a real thing for ladies’ feet. He had a foot fetish for many years.  And He found working in a shoe store brought him into close contact with many ladies and their pretty feet. He even had a stocking fetish. After our date, he asked me if I’d like a foot massage. I’m never one to turn an offer for that down, so I said of course. He drove me home and we settled down on the sofa. I’d poured us some wine and put my feet in his lap. He proceeded to give me the best foot massage I’d ever had in my life.

I Curled My Toes Around His Dick

We saw each other several times a week, each date ending with a fabulous foot massage. I told him one night to get his cock out. I then ran my freshly massaged feet over his hard cock. I’d only given a foot job a couple of times before, but they had well-received it when I’d done so. I gripped his hard shaft with my feet, curling my toes around it and pumping. He groaned with delight. My red painted toenails were soon slick with his oozing pre-cum. I’d read a foot fetish story the night before to get some ideas on what he might like. I knew a foot job was at the top of the list.

I Could Feel His Tongue Slither Between My Toes

We moved into the bedroom and he got me on my back on the bed, him standing at the side of the bed. He placed my feet on his shoulders as he fucked me. He turned his head and took a few toes in his mouth and sucked on them as he pounded my pussy. It tickled a bit, but it turned him on so much. I could feel his tongue slither between my toes as his cock slid in and out of my dripping snatch. And I bucked my hips up and down so each thrust forward of his cock grazed my clit. I was so wet and slippery.

I Came All Over His Cock

He pulled out and had me scoot up higher on the bed and he laid down on top of me. His cock sliding back into my wetness. I wrapped my legs around him, placing my feet underneath his ass cheeks, and I pumped him deep inside. I loved how it felt, and I could tell he did as well. His heavy breathing on my neck as we fucked. My nipples were hard against his chest, and I ran my hands up and down his back and shoulders. I pumped my feet so hard to get him in as deeply as I could. I soon felt that familiar all over body tingle as I came on his cock. He exploded inside me soon afterward.

My Feet Were Covered With His Cum

We lay there in our post-orgasmic bliss, and it wasn’t long until he was rubbing my feet again. He got down between my feet and cupped them in his hands over his cock. He pumped them and I soon had cum on the soles of my feet. Oh, boy was a horny devil to have cum twice so quickly. I knew he really loved my feet since even covered with his cum, he knelt down to kiss them. He licked his jizz off of them and we soon collapsed and fell asleep, contented and happy.

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