I Was Ready To Explore A New Fetish

I’ve been deciding recently that I need to be more open sexually, experiment more than I have been. So I’ve been dating men that are a bit more outside of my set type. And I found some to have some kinks I hadn’t run into before. One that I’ve seen several times told me had a stocking fetish, which is kind of sexy actually. I’ve always liked sexy lingerie and stockings, and this gave me a chance to beef up my lingerie wardrobe. I got some sexy black stockings, white ones, flesh colored ones, a whole assortment.  And I was wearing a whole new lingerie outfit when he came home and I had an idea I thought he might like. I Had dated guys with a panty fetish Before but not a stocking fetish.

Dana loves guys with a stocking fetish

I Popped The Head Of His Raging Erection Into My Stocking

And I was all dressed up, sitting waiting for him in my new finery. He called out to me and I told him to come into the bedroom. He looked approvingly at me as he saw me sitting on the edge of the bed.  And He came closer to me and I pulled him towards me and unzipped his pants and took his already hard cock out. I then toyed with it in my hands for a few moments. I then popped the head of his raging erection into the top of my stocking and told him to thrust. He about went wild. I asked him if he liked my contribution towards his little stocking fetish and he nodded yes.

I Could Feel The Sticky Precum On My Thighs

So , I just meant to tease his cock for a while before going down on him.  And I never dreamed it would be enough to make him cum. I could hear his breathing getting heavier and heavier and I knew he was getting closer. I could feel the sticky wetness of his precum on my leg as he pumped. The drops were getting absorbed into the nylons and I knew he was going wild. He cupped one of my breasts and was toying with my nipple. He fucked my stocking covered leg. I knew a big glob of cum was about to be shot onto my skin and then soak into the stocking. And I was right.

I Really Like Letting A Guy Live Out His Fetish With Me

Another few thrusts and I felt the first of several ropes of cum squirt out. The wet spot from the cum made the stocking stick to my leg and he looked a bit embarrassed. I smiled and told him I was glad I could help make his fetish come to life. He leaned down and kissed me and thanked me for helping him in this special way. He said none of his other girlfriends had done anything like this before.  And He was very appreciative and said he wanted to give me my reward now.

I was gently pushed back onto the bed and he devoured my shaved pussy. I felt his tongue open my wet lips and tickle my clit, surprisingly using the stockings had aroused me too. And  I squirmed under his expert mouth and it wasn’t long until I too had a blockbuster of an orgasm. Fetishes can indeed be fun. This stocking fetish seemed to be right up my alley. I look forward to even more evenings like this one.
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