We all Have True Sex Stories

We all have some true sex stories, right? Hot sex stories are great right? I have a fun one about the man I work for. I got this job to make a bit extra at this coffee shop. It was ok, but I wanted to be making a lot more. The boss was kind of hot in a way, he was a married guy. I got the impression he liked me and had a crush on me. I thought that if I flirted with him, he might pay me more. It didn’t take long for him to take the bait. I didn’t wear panties one day and bent over in front of him after “accidentally” dropping something. And I pretended like nothing out of the ordinary happened, but I knew he saw my pussy.

I Was Giving Him A Raise

I glanced his way and saw him getting a big bulge in his pants. And  I did stuff like this for weeks and he finally made a move on me. I said I’d be happy to play with him and be nice to him if he was nice to me. He got the idea. He said he’d give me a raise since I was “giving him a rise!” Naughty boy! We started to hang out in his office after hours. Being a coffee shop, a lot of it was cash business. He’d give me cash here and there, and I was happy to get it. I got down on my knees in front of him and sucked his cock.

I Gave Him A Titty Fuck

And I unzipped him and took out his hard cock, kissing the tip of it. Sticking my tongue out and working it around the head, all the while looking him deep in the eye. He said his wife won’t do that anymore for him, and he just loves it. I took the entire shaft down my throat and bobbed it up and down in my mouth. Just slobbering all over it and making it slick with my saliva.

He groaned with pleasure as I sucked and drooled all over his hard cock. I took out my tits and wrapped them around his dick and squeezed them tightly around it. He loved it. Said he hadn’t had a titty fuck in forever. I bounced them up and down, kissing and licking the tip of his cock when it popped up. My tits were warm and soft on his cock and he loved my hard nipples grazing him.

 He Licked Me From Behind

He soon pulled me up and bent me over his desk. And He pulled my short skirt up around my hips and gently kicked my feet apart. He knelt down behind me and started to kiss up my thighs. I felt his hands spreading apart my ass cheeks and he licked my pussy from behind. I fully bent over the desk to give him access. My clit was already hard and his tongue on it made me flinch with pleasure and I gasped with delight. I could feel him begin to work two fingers in my cunt, smearing my wetness over me. He went back down to my clit and sucked it into his mouth, driving me crazy as he did so.

He Enjoyed Every Position

I could feel him flicker that tongue over my throbbing little clit. I wanted his cock in me so badly. And  I told him I needed his dick. He stood up behind me and I felt his hard cock begin to enter me from behind. His large helmet being poked into my wet hole. He thrust forward and I moaned as I felt the girth of him stretch me. I braced my hands on the desk to steady myself. He thrust, and he thrust into my sopping cunt.

True Sex Stories Are Some Of The Best Stories

The sounds of our moans and heavy breathing echoed throughout the tiny backroom office. The desk shook with each thrust he gave. He continued to manipulate my clit as he fucked me from behind. I could feel a sizable orgasm welling up inside of me and he sped up his fucking. His fingers went faster and fast on my clit. He was really rubbing it hard. I came and cried out and he kept fucking me. He grunted loudly and shot his load into me. I felt squirt after squirt splash into me. He slowly withdrew, and we caught our breath. Him leaning back in his chair, and me leaning on the edge of the desk. It was hot, one of the hottest true sex stories I’d had in a while. Hopefully, we will be fucking again.

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