Small Penis Humiliation Wasn’t What I Expected

You know they say if something seems too good to be true, it probably is? There’s something to that. I’d been seeing this man for a few months and he’s good-looking and has a great, high-paying job. He’s in great shape, has a beautiful home, great personality. Now, I normally don’t sleep with a guy right away, but he’s the one that kept delaying it. I kept wondering why we got along great. It attracted me to him, and he knew it. I was all over him and he was always putting the brakes on. So he said he wanted for us to go away on a romantic weekend getaway. This was it. We were finally going to get to be intimate. I couldn’t wait. Small penis humiliation was not as I expected.

Everything Seemed Perfect

The weekend started out great, a lovely ride up there with the colored leaves to see on the drive. A lovely, gourmet dinner after a tour of the grounds of the bed-and-breakfast. Then we get to the room. I’d bought some sexy lingerie for the occasion. I’d been so anticipating this weekend. The candles were lit, the champagne was chilling, the soft music was playing. Then he undid his robe. Oh. My. God. I mean, I wasn’t expecting larger than average or anything, hoping, sure, I am a bit of a size queen. but then this. He had this odd look on his face as if he knew this was not going to be well received. Like he’d been through all of this before, many, many times. He knew the drill.

He Actually  liked Small Penis Humiliation

A kind estimate would be maybe two inches. He had it all, except the cock. He was every woman’s dream come true until the clothes came off. I wasn’t quite sure what to say. He said he knew he was a little smaller than average, but that he was great with his tongue. In fact, he actually enjoyed women commenting on it and telling him what they thought of it. Had I ever heard of small penis humiliation? He was actually encouraging me to laugh at his penis and make joking comments about it. I needed to think about this. The weekend passed without any sex between us.

I Was Ready To Tell Anyone

When we got home, a couple of girlfriends of mine called. They asked if I was free that night, could they come over? I said sure, it wasn’t as if I’d be having passionate sex with my boyfriend or anything. They stopped by and we were having some wine and he pops back over. I invited him in and they asked about our weekend. I couldn’t contain myself any longer.

It Was Just Pathetic

And I knew it might be the end of things, but I really didn’t care at this point.  And I blurted out he had a two-inch penis, and they burst out laughing and accused me of joking. I told them I was dead serious, to ask him to whip it out if he didn’t believe me. We began begging him to take out his cock, and he did. They soon had matching looks of astonishment on their faces as they took in his peanut-sized cock.

It Made Him Happy!

Soon, the three of us were laughing. He asked us to call him names, so the small penis humiliation commenced. One of them even asked if she could touch it, and he said sure. He got hard in her fingers and she began flicking it back and forth. It really was a teeny weenie, to be sure. He asked if he could masturbate for us, and without really waiting for a reply, he started. He slid down to the floor and spread his legs.  And He took that little thing between his thumb and his forefinger.

My Lil Dicked Boyfriend Was Pleased

He began to move it up and down. It was one of the most bizarre things I’d witnessed. A cock that size, oh what a sad sight. Needless to say, it didn’t take long, for him to dribble out about two drops of cum. His balls were around the size of grapes. The girls laughed, and he soon thanked us for viewing it and left. I guess that’s the end with him. Sad. Oh well. Hopefully, there will be another gorgeous, well-off man with at least a normal size dick for me soon.

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