I Am A Bit Of A Size Queen

Recently I found the perfect job for me considering I’m a size queen. A casting director for a porn company. I get to see countless men who file in and think they are going to be the next Ron Jeremy. They think it’s so easy to fuck all day. Playing sex games for hours isn’t as easy as it seems. When the pressure is really on and I tell them to get hard right now and masturbate, guess what happens? Not much, that’s what. They don’t realize guys that can basically get erections on demand and cum on cue are actually fairly rare. The pressure of being watched and scrutinized by a room full of strangers is too much for most. I hate to say it, but I laugh at most of them as they slink out the door.

Some Guys Think That Their Dick Is Bigger Than It Actually Is

Some are just outright delusional. They have for the most part average or smaller than average sized dicks. I ask them who will want to watch that and get turned on by it? I swear, I can deflate their cocks as quickly as I can deflate their egos. It’s truly amusing to me to see them go as limp as a dish rage in front of me. Very few have what it takes. The ones who can get hard on demand, well, they need to be assessed properly. This involves measuring them hard and soft and taking pictures for later comparison. Some do make the cut and it’s fun weeding out the wannabes from the ones with actual potential. A size queen likes the ones who make that first cut. I can honestly say I’ve gotten wet measuring the big ones and seeing them perform for me.

Some Of These Cocks Were Definitely Impressive

This latest movie I’ve been casting, in walked this perfect looking stud. He was the final interview of the day. I knew he was going to make the cut, and he did. His dick got hard right before my eyes and stayed that way until I commanded him to cum. Seconds later, he was ready to go again. He was indeed impressive. Also nine inches. I wanted to give him a test run so to speak. I knew I really shouldn’t, it wasn’t exactly professional, but I really wanted him.

He Could See My Hard  Nipples Through My Blouse

He knew from the way I looked at him I wanted him and he was right. I bit my lower lip as I handled his cock. It was a thing of wonder for sure. I stroked it and then soon had my lips around it, nursing on its meaty head. His precum was sweet and I was dripping wet. He could see my hard nipples through my blouse and was soon undressing me. I put that huge monster between my tits and started to pump. He titty fucked me as I licked the head with each pass of it between my breasts.

I stood up and he helped me out of my skirt and panties. I was soon bent over the desk that was covered in dick pics and resumes. And then I felt him nestle the head of that cock between my cunt lips from behind. He slid it in all the way up to the balls and thrust and thrust and thrust. I gripped the desk with my hands and braced myself. His cock was enough to satisfy any size queen.

I Let Him Know That I Was A Size Queen

He grabbed at my tits and massaged them roughly in his hands as we fucked. I knew I’d found my knew star. He had me cumming on his cock in no time. He did not cum until I told him to. I was given a full blasting into my pussy until his juice ran down my leg. I caught my breath and he was barely panting. He was in great shape.

I told him he had the job as the newest member of the movie, the lead. I wondered where he’d been hiding himself all this time. Better late than never though. I confessed to him I was a size queen and when I saw him, I knew I had to have him. He grinned and said he’d never have guessed. I told him to report early the next morning for work.  And I had a feeling he was going to make me, and the viewers, very happy with his performances.

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