We Were Out Of Luck And Out Of Money

When one goes to Vegas they expect to play games, but not sex games necessarily. Well my friend and I recently did just that actually. We had been certain we were going to hit the big time and we gambled all the money we had on us, even our money home. So what were we to do? We


Dana plays naughty sex games

were having this conversation in the casino and obviously one of the high rollers overheard us. And was laughing at our predicament. He asked if he might be of assistance. And I thought he was just going to give us money because he had a lot of it. Wrong.

He Seemed To Want To Make A Deal With Us


He said he’d be more than willing to help us out. But we’d have to go back to his suite and have a game of strip poker with him. We looked at each other and figured we had nothing to lose at this point as we were already broke. So we agreed and went up the elevator with him to his room. His business partner was in the room at a desk working on something and smiled at us as we arrived. I had a feeling they’d played these sex games before with others that had lost their money as well.

At First We Were Winning

We played a few hands and won, and then we started to lose. I think they’d been letting us with the first few hands to make us feel more confidant. The clothes started to peel off piece by piece from my friend and myself. Soon we were sitting their stark naked. He said he’d be happy to buy our tickets home for us. Only if he and his friend both got blow jobs right then and there, so we agreed. They weren’t bad looking, a bit older than my usual type, but they were ok. So we got down on our knees in front of him and his friend who were sitting side by s


ide on the sofa.

Here We Were In The Middle Of Sex Games Earn Our Tickets Home

We worked nearly in unison it seemed as we played our naughty sex games to earn our tickets home. We removed their cocks from their pants and began to stroke them and then lick them. Occasionally looking over at one another with their cocks in our mouths. I felt a hand on the back of my head push me further down on the cock. I was sucking on, and my friend was working on her guys balls as she pumped his hard shaft.

We drooled and we gagged and worked our lips and our tongues all over those cocks. And soon both of us were rewarded with mouthfuls of hot, salty cum. As we stood up, we were given more than enough money for us to go back home. They surely must look for girls like us who strand themselves when their greed to win overtakes them. They know they will get someone to service them for the ride home. Well they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, as this story certainly will. We sure won’t be telling our friends and family about this little incident. Our unexpected sex game for the tickets home.

Sexy LiL Dana

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