As A College Girl I Was Always In Need Of Some Extra Money

Dana was a sexy college girl

When I was in college, I was really strapped for money, as many other students were. My professor at the time heard me bemoaning this fact and asked me to stay after class. And that he had an idea that might help me make ends meet a bit more easily than some retail or fast food job might afford. I was curious, and asked him what he had in mind. He looked around and said he and some of the other professors


that were single were seeking occasional companionship. I was beginning to put the idea together. Well, this college girl didn’t want to be flipping burgers for minimum wage to afford tuition. So I was open to this, as he thought I might be, being the open minded sort that I was.

So Far It Wasn’t Hard At All

He told me to come by his condo after school. And there was an envelope of money waiting for me on the hall table. He patted his lap and asked me to sit on his lap. I could feel he was hard when I sat down. I then soon felt his hand slither up under my skirt and into my panties and start rubbing my pussy. He didn’t really turn me on or anything. But he had skillful fingers and I was soon wet and squirming at his touch. He knew just what to do. I came. All he asked in return was a handjob that first time, so maybe this wasn’t going to be too difficult.

My Ass Became Red And Sore

The next day I had a message from another professor to meet at his house fairly late. I went, and he said his friend, my professor, had told him I was looking for “extra

work.” Nice way to put it, and he wanted to know if I’d consent to being spanked for money. I was fine with that. He told me to remove my skirt

and panties and bend over. I was then harshly spanked a few dozen times. I was sore, there’s no doubt about it. But the envelope of cash he gave me was double what my own professor had given me. This was already proving profitable.

Over the next few weeks, I was meeting up with several professors and servicing their kinks. I was not only spanked, I played daughter, niece, you name it. This college girl was kept busy with the older men. And all the naughty things they didn’t have anyone else to do things like this with. Some of them did enjoy making me cum as well. They would lick my pussy, finger me, use toys on me, they just loved hearing me cum for them.

This Job Had More Benefits Than Just  The Pay

One said he’d been involved with a college girl the year before, but after she graduated he didn’t see her anymore. So he was looking for a new playmate to have on call. The money was great, and I didn’t have to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with. One loved to lick my pussy for ages. I’d just ride his tongue and cum and cum. They didn’t want to hire an escort, but they felt since I was a student at the university they taught that I was more like an acquaintance than some paid professional, even though they were paying me. This went on until I graduated. I couldn’t have asked for a better part time job.

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