My Boyfriend is sweet But He Comes Up A Bit Short

I’m sure most of us that have a boyfriend or husband with a little dick have a cuckold story. I sure do. My boyfriend is a very sweet guy, so generous with me, he has it all really. Well, except for one thing. His dick is only around three inches. I told him when we started going out I really liked him a lot. However, I thought I should be honest and just say I needed a bigger cock. He said he was ok with me seeking physical satisfaction elsewhere. He even asked if he would be allowed to watch me with the other guy. And I thought about it and agreed yes, it would be ok for him to watch me get fucked. It would not be a threesome story. It would be a cuckold story.

I Found The Perfect Guy

I already had a fuck buddy when I met him. Normally of course I’d stop playing with the fuck buddy if I was in a relationship. Seeing as I was not going to be getting any good cock action though, we continued on. I asked him one night if he might be open to us being watched. He was quite excited about the idea and said he’d love to. I think he’s got a bit of an exhibitionist streak in him. So began the cuckold story part of my relationship with my boyfriend.

It Was Just Too Small

The first night he came over, my boyfriend was of course a little nervous. We’d fucked of course, but when he fucked me, I could hardly feel it inside me. His dick was so small, and he usually came pretty quickly, it was pointless really. He was good at licking pussy, as many cuckolds are. We all went to the bedroom and he settled into a chair not far from the end of the bed. My lover and I got on the bed and began to kiss and touch one another. The clothes were soon stripped off and in a pile on the floor.

He Watched Me Suck It

I began to stroke his cock and noticed my boyfriend rubbing his own little dick in his hand. Seemingly in time with my own strokes on my Fuchs buddy. My lover’s cock was over eight inches long and thick. Quite a far cry from the three-inch-long pencil dick of my boyfriend. I soon lowered my mouth to his cock and French kissed the tip of it and made it all sloppy and wet. The sucking sounds echoed throughout the room. My boyfriend’s eyes were as wide as saucers as he watched me suck off another man.

I Was Riding Him Hard

I pushed my lover onto his back and straddled him, easing his hardened shaft into my now sopping wet pussy. And  I could barely fit him in, he was so large. And  I did get it in though and began to slowly rock back and forth on it. My tits began to bounce as I moved to and fro on top of him. He grabbed my breasts in his large hands and began to massage them, working the hardened nipples with his thumbs. I was soon grinding my clit against his cock and moaning with pleasure.

My Boyfriend Was So Turned On

I could hear my boyfriend breathing heavily with excitement as I fucked so close to him. And  I looked over my shoulder and he was still rubbing his own little prick in his hand. Well, more like pumping with his thumb and his forefinger. I was creaming on my lover’s cock and about to cum with a few more rocks back and forth. He grabbed me by the hips and thrust upwards into me faster and faster. I exploded with orgasm and screamed out in ecstasy. I could feel his jets of cum squirting into me, splashing inside my pussy.

Fucking Him Was Heaven

We were panting with exhaustion at working so hard to cum, it was a wonderful feeling. I looked over my shoulder and my boyfriend was there, a handful of cum from his little cock. He raised his hand to his mouth and slurped up his own cum. He seemed to have enjoyed the proceedings. My lover soon got up and left and promised to call me in a few days. I couldn’t wait, fucking him was heaven. I had a cunt full of cum and my boyfriend asked if he could be allowed to lick it out. And I said of course. I got on my back and spread my legs. He dove between them and lapped it out until I was clean. He said he’d enjoyed being a part of his very own cuckold story.  And I knew there would be many more such evenings ahead for us.

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