Sometimes I Like It Rough

My current boyfriend really loves rough sex. I had tried it before of course, but not all guys are rough in the “right way.” This one is right in all the right ways. When he first asked me if I’d like to try it, I was kind of lukewarm about it, but went along. Then after that night, I was loving it. He spanked me and pulled my hair and made me feel like a whore. I was made to beg for his cock and I’ve never been wetter. He blindfolded me and pinched my breasts and tied my wrists restraining them. I thought one night he was going to spank me again like he’d done before. He surprised me when I got a cat o’ nine tails across the ass! I flinched at it and he gave me several lashes of it.

Harsh Spankings Was Just The Beginning

Rough sex was taking on a whole new meaning in my sex life. Gentle lovemaking seemed to pale in comparison to the rough, intense sexual offerings of my hot boyfriend. I was cumming more often, with more intensity than I ever had before. He was making my libido go through the roof with his handling of me. My ass even had bruises on it a few times from harsh spankings. I even had finger marks on my neck a few times from him choking me during sex. A girlfriend even asked me if he was abusing me. I laughed and said not at all. I was getting the hottest fuckings of my entire life and that she should try it.

He Slapped My Face With His Cock

I know it’s not for everyone, but for some, it can bring a whole new level of excitement to their life.  Forced sex can be very exciting Some people are extreme, and they like their sex to be extreme as well. Who’s to say what is right or wrong in the bedroom so long as both people want it? I do not mind a rough hand on me. Last night he had me on all fours, my hands tied behind my back. He had his hard cock swinging before me and he took it in his hand and slapped my face with it. I opened my mouth, hoping it would go in. He teased me with it, moving the tip over my lips. Like he was applying lip gloss to them, only it was his precum he was smearing on them. I licked the tip hungrily. He pulled it away and again slapped my face with it. I was so wet I was dripping.

I Loved It When He Pulled My Hair

He pulled my up and pushed me over the edge of the bed forcefully. I could feel my feet get kicked apart from behind. I was spread open and soon could feel the tip of his cock going into me from behind. He eased it in and began to thrust. Hard. My whole body was shaking, the bed actually creaked as I slammed against it. He grabbed my hips and the flesh against flesh slaps filled the room with their sounds. I could feel his balls slapping into me as he wrenched my hair in his fist, pulling my neck back. He kissed me and gave me love bites. And  He then kissed my mouth and we kissed deeply as he punished my pussy.

He Was So Good At Being Bad

He picked me up and tossed me on my back on the bed after untying my wrists. Then He laid his cock between my breasts and fucked them for a while as he crushed them in his hands. He then announced he was going to finish in my mouth. He was on top of me, kneeling over me and fucking downwards into my mouth. I soon got a mouthful of cum and swallowed it all. There was a lot of it, and it squirted out the sides of my mouth.


He then reached over to the bedside table and got the Hitachi wand and laid it on my frustrated cunt. He’d not yet allowed me to cum. He turned it on and the electric buzz filled me with excitement. He really pressed it into my pussy and I was soon arching my back as I came hard on the toy. I cried out and he laughed. He knew how to use me so well. Rough sex can be a lot of fun with the right partner.

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