The Intruder Forced Me To Fuck Him

Sometimes you should be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it! I’d been thinking about some rough, forced sex . And my boyfriend wanted yet another vanilla evening. He was good in bed and all, but he sure doesn’t crave variety, and I like things a bit spicy . He was out with friends for the night . And I was just arriving home and the house was in darkness and I was stumbling my way around to the light switch . I thought I heard something. I put down my purse and keys and reached for the light.  All of a sudden my mouth had a hand over it and I heard a low voice in my ear saying they wouldn’t hurt me if I cooperated. So I did. There was something familiar about that voice, but I couldn’t quite place it.dana likes forced sex

I Fantasize About Being Forced By A Stranger

I was led to the bedroom and then blindfolded and undressed and I could hear the light switch.  I couldn’t see anything. I was forced to lay back and afraid they would hurt me. But they’d said if I was cooperative they wouldn’t, so I just went along and didn’t fight. I could hear noises like they were getting undressed and then I felt the bed go down a bit as they climbed on and then on top of me. I felt them kissing me, tenderly at first, then more hungrily. I was actually beginning to feel aroused, they had a lot more passion than my boyfriend did. I felt my legs being opened and them getting between my thighs and then sliding their cock into me and slowly start to move back and forth inside of my pussy. I still couldn’t see a thing.

He Forced His Nice Big Cock inside Me

Their cologne smelled a bit familiar and they didn’t speak much, but I was sure the more I thought about it I knew this man, there were just too many familiar things. He pumped his good sized cock into me over and over and I’d not gotten such a fucking in a long time, they sped up and got rough as they got closer and closer to orgasm and then they exploded inside of me and I was not putting up any resistance at all, I was enjoying it and I came on their cock as soon as they exploded their load of cum inside of me.

He lay there panting, his now limp cock still inside of me and me trying to catch my breath after this unexpected and forced encounter, but there wasn’t a lot of force involved, as I said I enjoyed it. I wondered who this man was, but didn’t want to risk getting hurt by asking and then having them turn angry. They then rolled off me and asked me if I had a good time. I didn’t want to answer and say yes, but they

Forced By A Familiar Stranger Was Hot

repeated the question so I meekly whispered it out and they asked if I knew who they were. I replied no. They then removed my blindfold and I gasped, it was the man my boyfriend had hired to do some repair work the month before I’d found so attractive, but I hadn’t let him know that and had no idea how he knew I found him so. He said he’d seen me looking at him and knew I wanted him, and he was right. What an unexpected homecoming this had been.It was a one of my favorite kinky sex stories.

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