I Was Considered The Naughty Neighbor

I have a feeling some of the ladies in the neighborhood consider me “the naughty neighbor.” I kind of am. I’ve had a few younger guys do jobs around the house and yard for me and it’s taken a raunchy turn. Some have been the sons of other neighbors. No one has any proof mind you, but there are rumors about me I’ve heard. A nice young guy from the other side of the block asked if he could mow my lawn. As luck would have it, the regular yard man was retiring and I was looking for someone, anyway.

Who Needs Swim Trunks?

He was a handsome young cutie, and one day it was so terribly hot. After he finished, I asked if he’d like to go for a swim in my enormous pool. He said he had no trunks. I said it was fine if he went nude. He pulled his shorts off and his hard, young cock was bobbing freely. It didn’t take me long to go over to him and kneel down and take it in my mouth and suck on it. He looked so shocked but was happy. We went into the pool and swam for a while. I hopped up on the edge and told him to lick my pussy. I had my legs over his shoulders and he was in the water. And I was sitting on the very edge of the pool. And He might have been young, but he was good at licking pussy. He needed no sex lessons.

I Rode Him

He sucked at my clit and slid his tongue into me. He made me cum pretty easily. And He got out of the pool and we went and laid down on the double-wide chaise lounge I have out there. He got on his back and I straddled him. I was riding his young cock so good as he played with my titties. He had a nice big cock. I was grinding on him, making my clit rub against his young dick every time I moved up or down on him. I was so wet, I coated his shaft in my pussy cream. His thumbs toyed with my nipples and I came once more and then felt his young seed erupt within me.

I Think That She Was Watching Us

This was early afternoon. I looked over and thought I might have seen a neighbor looking out her window. The curtain moved after I looked up, so I think they saw us. I wouldn’t put it past the old battle-ax if she had a pair of binoculars. So this might have been the beginning of the naughty neighbor rumors.

I Needed Some Help

I played with him a few times and we had a lot of fun. Then I hired some other neighborhood boys to help me move some furniture around. It was too heavy for me to manage alone. This boy from across the street and his friend came over and they made quick work of the heavy lifting. I offered them some iced tea afterward; they didn’t know it was Long Island Iced Tea, lol. They were really enjoying it, just gulping it down and feeling pretty happy as they did. We were all feeling pretty good in no time.

A Gang Bang?

I hadn’t planned on a threesome, but that’s just how the day turned out. I reached up and grabbed one of their cocks. I’d fallen down on the floor after a couple of the Long Island iced teas. That gave them the idea I was ready and willing to fuck, and I was. I was soon on all fours with one of their cocks in my pussy, and I was sucking on the other one. Then they switched after they came and recovered. I was having young cock all day that day from that pair of boys. It was wonderful. Teenage cock gets as hard as a fucking steel rod, and I loved every second of it.

I Definitely Had A Reputation

The boy that fucked me the second time got really naughty and put his cock in my ass afterward. It was so slathered up and slick from my cunt juice, it slid right in. I felt like such a whore for those young boys. I was a naughty neighbor, not a doubt about it. If only old bitty’s in the neighborhood could have seen me getting plowed by those two in my living room! I have had fun with several young guys around the neighborhood. Word gets around. These boys do like to brag, it seems. So, I have a bit of a reputation, but I also have a lot of fun.

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