I Wanted A Little On The Side

I have become something I never intended to. The cheating girlfriend. My boyfriend is nice and sweet, but many women can’t help but fall for the bad boy. They’re more exciting. When this new man started at work, I had a feeling things were about to get interesting. I was right. He was just too handsome to ignore. I was glad when I got paired up with him for a work project. It meant a few late nights and a weekend business trip. I volunteered to make the travel arrangements and made sure we had an adjoining room. After a dinner meeting with the associates from out of town, we had the rest of the night to ourselves.
. I was glad my boyfriend hadn’t noticed me packing it.  Poor fool, he really has no idea how hot I am for this other guy. Oh well, what he doesn’t know about his cheating girlfriend won’t hurt him. I had a few signs the coworker was interested, but nothing too obvious. I went back to the room and slipped into the lingerie and then knocked on the adjoining door. He answered, wrapped in a towel.   And He looked at me standing there in the nearly sheer lingerie and smiled. I asked if I could come in for a drink. I’d packed some wine with me and come prepared. He ushered me right in.

I Knew That He Was Interested

I figured he must be interested, or else he’d have said he was on his way to bed. He got the glasses from beside the ice bucket, and I poured the wine. He complimented me on the lingerie I was wearing. I returned the compliment about the towel he was wearing . We drank the wine, and he leaned over to kiss me. I soon noticed the towel around his waist was straining from his burgeoning hard-on. He noticed me looking and asked if I’d like a better look. I smiled and reached over to wrap the towel, and his hard cock sprang up like a coiled spring. And  I touched it in wonder, idly stroking it until the tip dripped pre-cum. I smoothed it up and down the shaft as he reached for my breast under the lingerie. Am I almost felt submissive

My nipple hardened at his caressing hand, and his cock was fully erect. I knew I wanted to kiss it and lick it.  And I lowered my head down onto it and took it in my mouth. Moving my moist lips up and down its turgid length. He moaned with pleasure and leaned back on the bed, watching me work on his cock.  got up to straddle him, pussy aimed over his hard cock. I lowered myself down onto his cock and settled onto his heated member. And  I rocked back and forth, seeking my satisfaction. I arched my back, breasts jutting forward and easily within his grasp. He toyed with them as I sucked my cunt around his cock.

This  Naughty Girlfriend  Won’t Be Telling Him About This Indiscretion

AI sped up and rotated my hips, grinding my clit into his cock base. I soon came in a torrent of hot fuck juice. My pussy contracted around his cock, milking him into me. He unloaded his wad into my pussy in a series of spurts. I could feel it coating my pussy. I briefly wondered about my boyfriend. He was likely at home, jerking off, wishing I was there to fuck. He’d not know about this tryst. His cheating girlfriend wouldn’t be informing him of this indiscretion.
My coworker and I spent the night fucking in his room. He had a girlfriend, and I had my boyfriend. So this might just turn out to be a onetime incident. I hoped not, but getting privacy alone at home wouldn’t be easy. Lust always finds a way. We shall have to see what we can manage at home. His cock was so much bigger than I was used to . The boyfriend’s at home would be a comedown from this one.

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