I Work Part-Time As A Dominatrix At A Local BDSM Dungeon

I work part-time as a dominatrix at a local BDSM dungeon and have many satisfied clients. One might assume we are doing the dominating have no desire for it ourselves. They would be incorrect.It is not all about fem-dom fetishes There is a male dom that works there, and he is plenty appealing. I’ve seen him strut around in his leather garb. His riding crop in hand and wondered what a session with him would be like. Would it be hot to be forced into submission? I got to find out. I asked him after work one night if he’d make an appointment with me. And I thought he’d turn me down since I also work there, but he said he would and that it was fine.

I Felt HeCould Push All My Buttons

He called me a switch, one that can be dominant or submissive. I told him he was right. I find submission attractive with the right partner. And I felt he could press all my buttons.  And I could be pretty cruel to the clients that came to me. For some reason, I thought he’d go easier on me since I was a fellow dominant. I was wrong.

This Was Not Going To Be Like Fifty Shades Of Grey

He invited me in when my time for the appointment arrived. He smirked at me, looking me up and down. Saying I must be one woman who’s seen Fifty Shades of Grey one too many times. He had lots of women like that he said. They wanted to be tied, spanked, dominated by a real man. Not the beta wimps I marry them to that wouldn’t dream of such things. He said those movies and books had been great for his business. And He serviced plenty of men as well, but women were becoming more frequent for him.

It Knocked The Wind Out Of Me

He got out some ropes and tied my hands behind my back. He tied my knees, as were my ankles. I was fairly immobile even standing. I could feel myself growing wet in anticipation. He led me towards a bench and bent me over it so my ass was up. He took a paddle and whacked me with it very hard. And He did it so hard, you could hear it slice through the air before I realized. It knocked out the wind of me, but he kept it up for six whacks. He then put his fingers in my crotch and softly laughed. He said he could feel my wetness seeping through my clothing. I couldn’t deny it.

His Hands Slipped Into My Panties

My submission to the Master was complete, and I gave in to him. He grabbed me by the hair, roughly, yet I liked it.  And He kissed me hard and I could not fight him off.  He slipped his hand in my jeans and then my panties. Again commenting on how wet I was, like a slut would be. He was not wrong. I felt him rubbing my clit. My arms ached from being tied so tightly behind my back, but I was helpless to move. And  I wondered if he’d allow me to cum.

I Was A Total Slut

I soon found out. He slipped two fingers inside of me and then back up to my clit, teasing me. I felt like I was on the verge of cumming, but he would not allow it. I felt like I was teetering on the brink of an orgasm, yet when I’d nearly get there, he’d stop. He took out a leather flogger and whipped me across my nipples with it. My nipples stood up in hardened peaks. I felt like a total slut. These submission games were making me hotter than I’d been in years.  It was so different to be on the other side of things.

It Was Harsh But My Orgasm Was Never So Intense

He finally sped up his finger movements on my pussy. I felt myself quiver with the first wave of orgasm. He leaned in and told me to beg for it. With that command, I did indeed beg for permission to cum. He gave me permission and pinched my clitoris. I thought I’d faint, but I came. I let out a guttural howl as I did and my entire body twitched as though I was being electrocuted

. He laughed at me as I had the most intense orgasm of my life. I collapsed on the floor and he let me. He didn’t even try to hold me up. I lay there panting and bucking. The crotch of my jeans wet from arousal and my orgasm. After a few moments, he hauled me up and untied me. He then gave me a hell of paddling on my ass once more. I then went on my way, my mind blown by the submission encounter. I need to play switch more often.

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