A teen sex story. We Were Busted! Caught In The Act

I have a kind of unusual teen sex story from my own youth. I was kind of a wild child and I couldn’t really be trusted to be alone overnight. My parents were going away to a wedding over the weekend. They asked the neighbor to stop in and check on me several times. He promised to unannounced, so I wouldn’t know when he was coming. Well, didn’t he get the shock of his life when he popped in. I was sucking off my boyfriend on the family sofa! His eyes widened, and his mouth fell open. There was also an open bottle of vodka on the coffee table. He threatened to call my parents, or even call the cops. My boyfriend was a few years older than me, so there could have been trouble.

This Guy Was Not Going To Make It Easy For Us

I asked him not to be a jerk about it. He said there was only one way he’d not tell my parents or call the cops in this teen sex story. He tied up our hands and placed my boyfriend in a chair, and then he hauled me over his lap. I was in shock when the perv started to spank me. My boyfriend looked on wide-eyed at this most unexpected turn of events. I could feel him getting hard as he was spanking me and I told my boyfriend. I laughed at him and called him a dirty old man. He hit me even harder and said I’d better do as he said. I got up off his lap and laughed at him.

It Was Our Teen Sex Story

He said I enjoyed sucking my boyfriend so much, I’d better put his dick back in my mouth right now. “Sure, no problem,” I taunted him. I crawled over to my tied-up boyfriend and took his cock back out and sucked on it. The neighbor looked on wide-eyed in disbelief as I brazenly did so. I looked the neighbor right in the eye as I moaned over that hard cock in my mouth. “Mmmmm, tastes good,” I said as I licked all around my boyfriend’s cock head. He looked stunned, yet turned on. Hell, I was having fun with it, I’m no shrinking violet. You want performance, dude, you’ll get one you won’t soon forget. This will be better than any sex stories he’s read!

He Sure Got A Full Show

“Now fuck him,” he directed. I untied my boyfriend’s hands and straddled him in the chair, facing the neighbor. My tits jiggled and I slid his cock into my now sopping wet cunt. I specifically chose this position so he could see the most. I even slipped my hand down to spread my pussy lips, exposing my clit. And I could make sure I rocked just so so that every thrust of my boyfriend’s prick glided against it. Giving me the maximum pleasure. Honestly, it kind of turned me on to be watched this way up close. If my parents knew a live teen sex story was going on in the living room, they’d flip out!

This Perv Was Really Getting Off On This

“Now play with her tits,” he commanded, a little breathlessly from arousal. My boyfriend cupped my tits in his hands, working my hard nipples with his thumbs. The neighbor took out his cock at this point and began to stroke himself. He watched his live personal porn show going on in front of him. He couldn’t help but masturbate himself, he was so turned on by us. My wet pussy had made my boyfriend’s cock slick with my wetness. You could hear that squishing noise every time I moved back and forth on it. And I knew the old perv was really getting off on it.

I Was A Slut But He Was A Freak!

I started to circle my clit as I was getting fucked, his eyes riveted to my pussy. My hand was a blur, it was moving so fast on my clit. He was breathing so heavily. Hell, we all were. “I’m gonna cum!” I cried out and all of a sudden my orgasm hit me. My cunt clenched down on my boyfriend’s dick in my pussy and milked it for all it was worth. I creamed on his cock and he busts his nut inside of me, filling me up. The cum was dribbling out of me and down onto his balls. The neighbor soon came in his hand and licked it up as we watched in awe. What a weekend that was. That’s one teen sex story I’ll never forget. I don’t think the neighbor will either.

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