Age Play Stories Can Be Very Hot

Age play stories can be very hot, I know mine sure are. Recently I was at a bookstore and ran into an old teacher of mine. We hadn’t seen one another in many years. I went right over to him when I saw him browsing the books alone. He’s the man I lost my virginity to in high school. It started with him helping me after class to get a high enough grade to pass. It ended with us having a year-long clandestine affair. He told me he’d since gotten married and started a family, but it brought back so many fond memories. We went for a coffee to reminisce about them.

We Were Very Attracted To Each Other

We started by doing the lessons in the empty classroom after school. He soon said it would be much more comfortable at his home. I liked him and trusted him, so of course, I said yes. He was an excellent cook, and many times would make us dinner before I’d go back home. We’d have long conversations about life, and pretty soon we were very into each other. The difference in our ages meant nothing to either one of us, but we had to keep it a secret. Others would just not understand. We knew this.

I Asked Him If I Could See It

One time after a lesson, I volunteered to rub his neck and shoulders because he looked tense. I let my hands wander downwards to his chest and soon as I leaned forward, he kissed my neck. I could see he was getting hard, and I reached out and touched his cock through his pants. I’d never touched one before and told him this. He brought me around in front of him. He sat on the sofa I sat across from him on the coffee table. I asked if I could see it, and without hesitation, he took his cock out from his pants. I tentatively reached out for it, holding it in my hand, feeling its hardness. His breathing got deeper as I handled it curiously.

He Licked My Pussy So Good

I began to rub it and soon he was groaning with delight as I gave my first-hand job. Things quickly grew from there. He was my teacher alright, and soon my sexual one. It went from hand jobs, to blow jobs, to finally fucking him and giving him my virginity. He was so careful and gentle with me. He couldn’t have been more caring or patient. I loved when he licked my pussy, it always got me so excited and wet.

It Was Just What I Needed

He wanted me to be very turned on and wet before he even attempted to put his cock in me. Age play stories can sometimes be not consensual, but this relationship I had with him was beautiful. It’s surprising my parents didn’t question the amount of time I was out of the house. They never seemed to, so I had a good amount of freedom to explore this relationship.

I Learned So Much About Him

The first time he fucked me it was uncomfortable, yes. He did everything he could to make me feel special. It soon felt good and we made love as much as possible. I soon felt I knew his body as well as my own in the way he responded to me. I loved sucking on his cock and doing it exactly as he instructed me to. He taught me so much. I was never so eager to learn as to learn how to arouse him. And arouse him I did. He said I was a marvelous student and he was very happy with my enthusiasm. I did all kinds of sexual positions with him, learning all kinds of new things. The fact I was so young and flexible certainly helped. Lord knows, since then I have plenty of teen slut stories to tell.

He Loved To Cum In Me

I would ride him while he moved his thumb over my clit until I came, milking his hard cock within me. He loved my young, perky breasts and would kiss them and suck on the nipples. I would give him a titty fuck and wrap them around his shaft and kiss the tip when it popped forward. He loved to cum in me, on me, and down my throat. I was only too happy to please him with any sort of pleasure he was in the mood for. Age play stories can indeed be a lot of fun, especially ones from your past you look back on.

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