I Gave A Lesbian Sex Show For My Boyfriend

My boyfriend has made no secret of the fact he loves watching two girls together. He asked me if I’d ever been with another girl before, shortly after we met. I have seen him watching lesbian sex porn videos countless times. I decided for his birthday I’d do something I knew he’d never forget. And  I hired an escort to play with and be his live sex show. The night of his birthday I’d made us a nice meal. Then afterward I went and changed into some new sexy lingerie I’d bought I knew he’d love. He assumed we’d be having sex of course, but he did not know what was about to happen.

I Smiled As I Knew That She Was At The Door

I smiled as I heard the doorbell ring. He looked surprised since he didn’t know anyone was coming over. I answered the door and let in this beautiful woman in a trench coat. He just stood there with his mouth hanging open when I asked for her coat and she removed it. She too was wearing beautiful, skimpy lingerie underneath. I told him this was his birthday present. For him to watch the two of us play in front of him. The hanging open mouth soon turned to an ear-to-ear grin.

The Atmosphere Was Perfect

I led the way into the bedroom. I’d lit some candles when I’d changed into my lingerie a few moments before and there was soft music playing. I led him to a chair not far from the bed and she and I got on the bed and started kissing one another. We were on our knees, facing one another. Our breasts were rubbing against one another, and my nipples were soon hard. We stripped the lingerie off one another and she took the lead. She was used to these sorts of things. I wasn’t. So I was happy to have her take the lead. She ran her hand from my breast to between my legs.

She Made Her Way Down To My Pussy

I looked over at him, and he was staring, his eyes as wide as saucers. His hand rubbing his cock, which he hadn’t taken out yet. She parted my pussy lips and started to stroke my cunt, which was already wet with excitement. She found my stiff clit and rubbed it back and forth with her middle finger. Then she lay me back and started to kiss my nipples and suck on them. She soon made her way down my tummy to my now open, moist cunt. She held my pussy lips back, exposing my clit, which stood at attention. And She flickered her tongue back and forth over it and made me wail with pleasure.

Here We Were Pussy To Pussy

I bucked my hips up to her face as she licked me and sucked me. I came in a gush on her face. And I looked over at my boyfriend and he was stroking his hard cock in his hand now. Watching with great interest and desire. She and I sat opposite one another and locked our legs together. Our pussies were touching one another, and we started to grind on one another. I’d seen scissoring in the porn videos he’d watched before, and always wondered what it would be like

. If you’d really be able to cum doing that. Any woman that’s masturbated grinding on a pillow or bunched up towel, yes, you can cum that way. I bumped and ground into her until I came once more. She came as well and my boyfriend was ecstatic as he witnessed this raunchy display in front of his own eyes. This lesbian sex had been a good idea as a gift for him.

Next Time I’d Like A Guy To Join Us

She put on a strap on and he asked if she’d fuck him and she nodded yes. He got on the bed and leaned down on his elbows as he offered his ass to her. She fucked him and I went underneath him and sucked on his cock as she did. Needless to say, it did not take him long to shoot his load. He was so over the top excited; it was incredible. After the escort left he was speechless at the evening’s events. He said it was his best birthday present ever, getting to watch me have lesbian sex. I told him I was glad he liked it. That may be for my next birthday we could get another guy to join us.

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