I Was Ready For Long Weekend In The Caribbean

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Recently I went away for a long weekend to a resort in the Caribbean. All the cold has taken its toll on me. So I got a cheap last minute package and was welcomed when I got off the plane by warm tropical breezes, steel drums and potent rum punch, it was heaven. I got to the hotel and wanted to soak up some sun. So I slipped into the new bikini I’d bought myself for the trip and got to the pool. There were lots of hotel guests sunning themselves and in the pool. I ordered a drink and laid back in the chaise lounge.I never dreamed that there would be lesbian sex as a part of this trip.

There Was A Beautiful Girl In The Char Next To Mine

There was a beautiful girl in the chair next to mine. I assumed her boyfriend must be in the pool, but we got to chatting and it seems she had the same idea as I did and we were both alone. The crowd thinned out and as the sun set we were the last ones around the pool. We ordered some food to enjoy pool side as we talked. And she said how much she wished her boyfriend had been able to come. But he’d gotten called away on business. So she decided to some any way since the trip was non refundable.

We Had Plenty To Drink

We both had a lot to drink, and the warm breezes, the beautiful sunset.  And we decided to go for a walk on the beach after we ate to enjoy the view and talk more. She said the last time she and her boyfriend had come to this resort they had sex on the beach every night in this one special spot up the beach from where we were walking was. And she walked towards it and it was a nice, secluded spot, with some large rocks at the waters edge, making a small clearing behind them on the sand where one would likely go undetected from others on the beach.

I Was Surprised When She Kissed Me

Lesbian sex had been the last thing on my mind when I set out on this trip. But she just looked so beautiful, and she said she thought I was pretty too. And she reached over and kissed me and went running into the surf. I ran after her and we had a moonlit dip in the ocean. We didn’t go in very deep, and we soon ran out and sat on the large rocks. The sun had made them warm even after it had set a while ago. They’d absorbed the warmth and our wet bikinis stuck to our skin. She sat beside me and reached over and kissed me again and I didn’t stop her.

I Could Feel How Hard Her Nipples Got

We kissed passionately and I could feel how hard her nipples were when I caressed her breast though the bikini top. She soon reached her hand over towards my thigh and was toying with my pussy through my bikini bottoms. It seemed we were going to have some hot, secret, lesbian sex right there on the beach. In the same spot she and her boyfriend had fucked on their last trip there. We laid in the still warm sand, our hands exploring each others bodies.

And soon my fingers were rubbing her pussy and she kissed me hard as I made her cum with my fingers. Soon she was returning the favor and I had her fingers rubbing me. And I was really fucking her hand. She slid two fingers inside of me and was rubbing my G spot .And I came quite explosively. We lay there, catching our breath, just looking up at the star filled sky, and I thought this day had turned out much better than I’d hoped it would, and this lesbian sex experience had made this a trip to remember already.

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