It was a fun plan. It was supposed to be a birthday gift for Lisa’s boyfriend. Lisa is a very good girlfriend of mine from childhood we hung out a lot and got into some trouble at times but we always had a lot of fun every time. She was dating a guy for several years named Alan was really cute but he never stopped flirting with me every chance he got behind Lisa’s back.
I never flirted back out of loyalty to Lisa.
Now Lisa is open-minded and easy-going and she’s always been honest with me about Alan.
Several times she mentioned that Alan was always trying to convince her to have a three some that is him her and another girl. And by the way my name always came up as the second girl.
I would just laugh it off. Even though I consider myself bisexual Lisa never really knew that.
Lisa was extremely sexy she had long silky black hair olive skin, beautiful full C-cup Tits, and a sweet Latin round ass. I on the other hand, have B cup but very perky tits, a tight, shapely ass.
So, anyways…Lisa and I met in a party in the city where I used to live. It was great to see her and we had a great time talking about old times she is still dating Alan and seems pretty happy.
The subject came up once again about how Alan wanted to have a three some with me and her.
I looked over to where Alan was in the party hanging with some guys. He was really kind of hot and still a nasty flirt.
She asked me if I was still doing phone sex and I told her yeah! And I still love it. I shared with Lisa some of the kinky fantasies of my favorite phone sex guys. And we were both getting super horny.
And that’s when she asked me what I was doing New Year’s Eve. I told I really didn’t have any plans yet.
‘Well how about you and I have a little fun with Alan?”
Wow are you serious? I asked. Hell yeah she said
you know he’s into watching two girls go at it?
And she looked at me and said honestly.. I’m just strictly dickly…lol .. But if there was ever girl I thought I might be able to enjoy playing with it would be you.
You’re like my “mini me” she laughed..
I laughed as well and pointed at her nice big Tits and said oh yeah my tits are mini compared to yours and your ass is way bigger than mine LOL!
So what do you say she asked?
Damn girl I answered, do you even know how to play with a girl? And she answered not really do you?
Well you’d be surprised to know that I consider myself
both ways as in bisexual .. She seemed shocked and smiled at me “Bisexual?” even better !. Hey, how about we go to my place and I answered sure.
I could see her talking to Alan to let him know to meet her at her place.
So we went to her place. It was a small apartment but pretty nice.
First off we had a drink and lay back on the couch.
She told me to get comfortable and I did I removed my sexy black stilettos as she removed her knee-high red boots. She was dressed all in red low-cut flashy just like Lisa to be so flashy .Her dress was low-cut and I have to say that the curve of her tits were turning me on. I love nicely shaped tits. It doesn’t matter what size but I kept imagining sliding my hands and squeezing them and sucking on those nipples.
I leaned back with a sigh and she glanced at me and smiled.” I’m gonna be honest with you she said.
I have played a little with girls not too much though.”
Now I was really interested.
So the reason why I figured we should come to my place is so that we could practice. And she smiled.
She now was on her knees on the couch looking at me straight in the eyes with a naughty smile on her face.
Okay I thought.. Fuck it now is my chance I reached out and I slid my hand and slide that low-cut dress cupping her deliciously full left tit and then her right.
She quickly wiggled out of that sexy red dress. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I cupped in squeezed those gorgeous tits. Did I mention I really love breasts. LOL
she looked down at me watching my every move I lifted one tit into my mouth she had perfect nipples, great sucking nipples and I sucked gently at first but then I got all caught up in the passion and suck them really hard both of them. She seemed really turned on because her nipples got super hard and she was breathing really hard. She seems super anxious and undid the front of my black dress I wasn’t wearing a bra either she cupped my perky Tits and kissed each one of them. I looked down at her and could see her bright red lipstick and are sensual lips covering my nipples and sucking hungrily.. Fuck !! She was doing this really well. I think she had a lot more experience than she was letting on. I then heard her whisper” I want to taste your pussy” So she turned at my dress and pulled down my hips and removed it entirely.
I slid down and got in position to help her I was wearing sexy black lace panties and I knew by this time there was soaking wet. She slowly pulled my panties down exposing my pretty little bald slit.
She gave me soft little kisses and then parted my pussy lips and gave me one excruciatingly long lick.
OMG it felt so Fucking good.! She continued to lick all around my lips and then she plunged her tongue in my pussy hole in and out in and out driving me nuts my eyes rolled up in my head I was in heaven.
I finally pulled her up towards my mouth and we started to kiss deeply our tongues played.
We were really getting into it!
When we heard a key in the door!!
It was Alan! He walked into the room!
Now what happened next turned out to be one of the hottest experiences I had!
And if you’d like to know more about the hot time the 3 of us had.. Join me in some hot phone sex!

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