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forced sex

Forced sex: My fantasy will become your reality

Let’s see if you can survive a world of forced sex I’m not talking a...

rough sex


Rough sex can be good even when it’s ‘bad’! They knew she want...

I was forced into a bi cuckold

BI-CUCKOLD He Forced Me To Eat Her Pussy and I Liked It! ♕

BI-CUCKOLD He Forced Me To Eat Her Pussy and I Liked It! My husband and I use to...

rough sex

Rough Sex: Anita Blake Messes With The Wrong Kitties pt 1*

Rough sex is usually wonderful, but perhaps not when shapeshifters are involved....

forced sex

Forced Sex: My Male Sub Gets What He Deserves!*

You didn’t know forced sex was on the menu! But that’s the thing abo...

Show him who is boss
Gay Sex

Be Honest, Gay Sex Is What You’re Truly Craving Isn’t It? ♕

Don’t pretend, you’re craving gay sex aren’t you? You try to p...


Sucking dick 101 for closeted faggots like you. Do you ever find yourself think...

First Time Sex Story

Basic Training For My Sissy He Gets Fucked A First Time Sex Story.*

This is A First Time Sex Story because some sissies have limits. They’ll d...



CUM EATING LESSON IN A FORCED A BISEXUAL RIDE. My first Girl on Girl cum eating ...

cuckold sex stories

Cuckold Sex Stories – Forcing My Husband to Take Dick

As our cuckold sex stories continued, I upped the things I would require of my h...

Rough Sex Phone Sex

Time For You To Have Rough Sex At The Gloryhole ♕

It’s time for some rough sex at the glory hole. You’ve been such a g...

force sex revenge

Forced sex story continued; testing out ‘straight’ boyfriends. ♕

Forced sex; Now YOU’RE The One Being Forced For Being Such A Tease Forced ...

forced sex bi

Forced sex to taste how straight your boyfriend is ♕

Forced sex to make straight guys bi Force sex may have guys questioning their se...

BBC Cuckold

BBC Cuckold: Making Him My Bitch ♕

BBC Cuckold If it weren’t humiliating enough for my husband to walk into o...

bi cuckold

Bi Cuckold Experience: My Submissive’s First Ever, Part 1*

Bi cuckold can get a little rough. So it’s best to just dive in head first (pu...

anal sex stories with cop

Oral and Anal Sex Stories That’ll Make a Sissy Cream His Jeans ♕

Oral and anal sex stories — for when your cock is so small that your ass ...

sex story

The Voyeur At The Motel: A Guest Blog Sex Story PT 3*

Tommy’s night may have been the best of his life but his sex story has led...

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