Bi cuckold can get a little rough.

So it’s best to just dive in head first (pun intended) to the bi cuckold. I had Sven shaved, enema’d, and sitting quietly in the corner of my playroom before Tyler got here. The poor dear was shaking like a leaf, his tiny little knob dripping furiously. He had begged me not to ask this of him, but that was never an option.

I love bi cuckold too damn much for a sub to withhold it from me!

 For the evening’s festivities, I was dressed in all black. I had on a pair of red bottom black stilettos, my silkiest stockings, a black garter belt, and my sheerest black negligee. As I topped up my bright red lipstick at my vanity, I looked in the mirror and winked at Sven and left him there to go answer the door.

Tyler looked as magnificent as ever. He was 6’ 4” of pure masculinity…with a cock to match. Every ounce of him was pure muscle, so when I went in for my customary hug I was greeted by pounds and pounds of tensed muscles, ready for me to explore every black inch. But tonight was about more than ogling Tyler. He was being a very good sport about my request.

Sure, anyone would be happy to get a call from me, begging to have a cock slammed hard into the deepest parts of my pussy and ass…but most want nothing to do with having another guy in the room to watch, let alone to participate. I had explained to Tyler that I had a sub that needed a hard introduction to what it really means to be a bi cuckold. He’d responded in a way that shocked me. He said, “Well where’s the little fucker at, I’m ready to tear him apart!”

I had laughed like a complete bitch in response and now here we were, all the pieces moving into alignment.

I brought Tyler up to my room, leading him by his hand. When I got to my room, I stood back and let him be the first person poor little Sven saw. After counting to three, I walked in to see a beautiful tableau: Sven was still in position, resting on his knees. Tyler was about six feet away from him, looking at my little sub like he was about to rape the hell out of him. Only when I hit the hardwood floor with my stilettos did Sven startle out of his stupor.

There was a question in his eyes. “Are you going to make me do this, Mistress?” I let my evil smile answer his question…

If you can’t tell, I live and breathe bitchy domination. So call me for a steamy cuckold phonesex experience!

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