Can I control this bi cuckold?

With my poor little Sven prepared for his bi cuckold, sitting in the corner and my big black stud, Tyler, looking like he was ready to exploit the shit out of him, I approached. I came up behind Tyler and raked my nails across his back and then released my talons as I moved past him to kneel in front of my sub.

My tone was even and sedate as I gave my terrified little twit his lecture.

“ Sven. Tonight is going to be the hardest night you’ve had in a long time. You are not to do or say anything without instruction and you will take Tyler in any position or way that he wants. You will NOT touch that pathetic little cock of yours at all tonight. IF I decide you’ve earned a stroke or two, my hand will be the one to do it. And you will apologize to me for having to debase myself by touching it. YOU are not important tonight. Tonight you are a toy to be used and forced to react at our whim for this bi cuckold. Understood?”

I bristled at the delay in his response and like a snake, I struck, encircling his balls in my fist. I gave them a harsh squeeze and asked again, between clenched teeth.

“Am. I. Understood?” I gave his balls a twist with each word and did not have to wait for a reply.

“Yes, Mistress, I understand. I promise to be good!”


I released his balls and stood up. Tyler had moved. His dark right foot had moved forward as if he had been so tempted to claim my sub while I was working. Perhaps Tyler needed a little reminder of why he was here. I looked him dead in the eyes, humor sparkling out of my ice blue eyes, and pulled him in for a hard kiss. While I had him distracted, my other hand snaked lower, until it was cupping his immense shaft.

I led Tyler over to the bed, laying him on his back, his feet toward Sven. I climbed in between his legs, my ass high in the air as I took Tyler’s zipper between my teeth. My eyes were full of sultry intentions as I looked at my onyx bull, but my mind was imagining what my poor little cuckold was getting to see. I’m sure my pussy and tight little asshole were visible through my sheer negligee, the black line going down the back of my stockings leading his enamored gaze from the blood-red bottoms of my sleek high heels.

God, my Sven was probably dripping all over himself!

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