This bi cuckold was about to get so fucking hot!

With my ass up, face down approach to this bi cuckold, I knew I had both boy’s full attention. I’m sure my sub, Sven was getting a nice face full of my juicy pussy and ass…and Tyler? Tyler was one second away from having his cock down my throat.

    I used my teeth to lower his zipper before sliding my hands up his thighs to do the rest of the work in disrobing him. I lowered his pants and briefs in one motion and lowered myself right back down, sliding his cock into my mouth as I went. Then I descended until I had him fully seated in my throat, popping him back out to get a close look at it.

   It was so perfect: midnight black, and so thick. The veins popping out of its sides were a testament to how excited he truly was.

    Now that he was covered in my spit, I moved, angling my body so that my sub could get a glimpse. His eyes latched onto It as soon as I was out of the way. After he absorbed how exquisite it was, his eyes started darting between my lips and it.

   My precious slut was eager to see his Mistress suck such a worthy cock.

Too eager.

I went back to the exact position I was in earlier, blocking his view of Tyler’s tool but providing him with my ass and pussy as a consolation prize.

   It was time for me to please my bill and let my sub suffer. I sucked that cock like it was going to pay me a million dollars, gagging on it and even letting him grab my ponytail and gave fuck me. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter and my mind was starting to want more.

   Then I decided to flip around so that my pussy was in Tyler’s face as I sucked him off. He moved what little fabric got in his way and eagerly set to work. He probed my pussy with one finger while laying his flat tongue across my asshole and clicking it. It was unlike any anal pleasure I’d ever experienced.

Next week I’ll give you my conclusion to this hot BBC bi cuckold. Come have some amazing phone sex with me until then!

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