With my bi cuckold in full swing will Sven be in over his head?

 Tyler’s tongue was lapping at my sensitive asshole and Sven’s eyes were desperately trying to absorb everything, so naturally, I began craving the “bi” part of our bi cuckold. I didn’t want to rush it though so I steered my mind towards the tasks at hand.

     My lips pressed lower onto my ebony prize. I could almost get them over his balls, and as I attempted to do just that, I drooled all over him. When I realized I couldn’t fit them, I looked directly at Sven and twisted my head back and forth while moving up Tyler’s shaft.

     God, that black dick looked delicious!

 My pussy was dripping from the attention to my ass and my restraint was at an end. I released Tyler from the powerful suction of my mouth and moved down his body to straddle his hips.

     In reverse cowgirl, both Tyler and I had wonderful views of Sven’s exposed body. He was trembling, his cock parallel to the floor, with a long strand of precum dangling precariously from the tip. In that moment he looked more like a pathetic beast than a man.

    I was seated between Tyler’s naval and cock. It was time to really tease Sven so I angled my hips forward and started rubbing that onyx cock along my pussy lips. I smeared it back and forth through my juices, taking time to run it over my clit until I was gasping.

Then I lifted myself up and sank it deep inside of me in a slow, yet powerful thrust.

   With one hand I reached back and grabbed Tyler’s arm, imploring him to sit up behind me while I rotated my hips. My other hand stretched forward to Sven, inviting him to get down and lick where Tyler’s cock met my pussy.

     Of course, he jumped at the invite. He turned his head sideways and had Tyler and myself shaking from the pleasure in seconds. Tyler’s hands were on my hips perhaps a minute later lifting me up off of his cock and then slamming me back down, grinding himself into my cervix.

     Then he lifted me off completely and sat me beside him. I stood up and grabbed my wedge for Sven. His ass had only ever taken plugs and a few slim dildos. And now he was about to get used like he’d been doing this for ages.

     There was to be no lube besides my pussy juice, no stretching beforehand, just the assumption that my little slut could handle a cock…

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