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Her slender frame shook, her knees weak and her juices slid down her legs, the room permeated with the smell of their lovemaking. He had already cum twice and many times in a Wife Impregnation with BBC Breeding she was doing. She looked back, blue eyes begging. “What’re you waiting for?” she begged impatiently, her voice louder now. The breath in her lungs filled as the blood that was finally returning to the rest of her body, namely to her man cave, made her dizzy.

He pulled back his hand, bringing it down hard on her already bruised ass. “Don’t talk to me like that.” He growled, even as she jerked under the force of it. Jerk she had, but not away from the pain, no. Towards it. He reveled in having control, in taking this beautifully dominating woman—this goddess and bending her to his will with such brutality and pleasure.

Her ass and pussy sank back towards his cock, begging, pleading for him to enter her. He struck her again, his other hand reaching forward, grabbing a handful of thick hair, holding her in place. She cried out, a sob forcing its way past plump lips, the pleasure bordering itself to agony now, unfulfilled release.

Finally, he took hold of his cock and rubbed it against her exposed clit, and again she screamed. The sound reverberated through the room, pounding against his ears as much as he had pounded against her pelvis.

He couldn’t take it Wife Impregnation with BBC Breeding. “You’re too fucking good at this.” He cursed.

Finally entering her quivering cunt, her vibrations matching his own. It felt like entering the gates of Valhalla, and for a moment he saw stars.

Immediately, he began thrusting, hammering away, one meaty hand on her hip. The other tangled in long hair, jerking her body back to meet his with powerful thrusts. Faster and faster, her screams higher and higher as they climbed the gates of heaven.

“Oh shit, oh fuck.” He bit out, again and again with each meeting of their flesh. He felt it build deep in his core, their orgasmic conclusion drawing closer. It started in his toes, and he could tell by how tightly her pussy was gripping his ever-swelling cock that she wouldn’t be far behind him.

“You’re gonna make me cum, baby.” He gasped, and she laughed breathlessly.

With a grunt, she shoved her knees backward, slammed back onto his dick, her cock cavern clenching hotly, purposefully. “Oh goddamn it!” he shouted, uncontrollably.

He couldn’t hold back. Like a geyser, he filled her with a hot rush of cum, the sticky sweetness shooting out of him, penetrating deep into her womb, coating her walls, spurting out from between where their flesh met.

They collapsed, laying together, sweat and fluids mingling. Their breaths came together in shallow gasps to coalesce in the night air. They held each other and finally, they returned to earth. This wife’s impregnation with BBC breeding was going great. After so many loads of cum she was sure to be pregnant. But then I am a dirty cum slut whore and in case you want to know more… Call me…


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