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I am Southern, and so is my husband, Steve. I know the thought of him becoming a cuckold was not something that ever crossed his mind. That he would crave watching his hot housewife fuck a dominant BBC. That most days he would encourage me to get fresh Black Bull Creampies for him to eat… NO, he would never believe any of that was possible about himself.

Though NOT racist or prejudiced he was completely homophobic. All that stereotypical hunting, fishing, trapping, physically hands-on hard-working alpha male redneck that you can imagine is Steve. Rigid religion and so conservative an outlook that I don’t think the man had an original idea in his life.

But it happened, shortly after I got married, Steve became a cuckold. Steve did something that damaged a section of the building for the company he worked for. As well as a heavy piece of equipment he was NOT supposed to mess with. Over $10,000 worth of damages.

Steve used my body, and sex with me, as payment to Rod, for Rod to take the blame. Rod’s dad owned the company.

He was terrified that Rod would send him to jail so he did everything that Rod demanded. Which was to sit in the corner and watch as Rod fucked me.

Rod’s cock was significantly larger than Steve’s. And Rod knew how to make a woman cum. Even if at first, I did not WANT to have sex with Rod.

He made sure that I orgasmed multiple times on his cock every single time. Before he allowed himself to cum deep in me.

Before long I loved fucking Rod and looked forward to their lunch breaks and for Rod to drop Steve off at home every evening so he could fuck me.

But I still had never thought about having a Black Bull Creampies

Steve was NOT allowed to get undressed or to touch his own cock. And then Steve had to clean Rod’s cock and creampie with his mouth.

It shocked me when Steve would cum in his pants without ever touching himself while watching Rod fuck me, or when he licked Rod’s cock clean.

Steve was not allowed to get his cock near me during the months that Rod was my lover. Not until the debt was repaid, it was months before my husband touched me again.

At first, it was something that Steve was forced to endure a couple of times a day. But in just a few weeks it became something that Steve craved.

In the first months, I only had sex with Rod. And he kept me satisfied more than Steve ever had.

Eventually, Rod stopped coming over as much, then at all. Steve would fuck me only when we were talking about the sessions with Rod.

I will be honest it was no longer satisfying to fuck my husband. I still craved a big dominant cock fucking me. And Steve was now a submissive cuckold.

He encouraged me to go to bars and pick up men to bring home so he could watch us. The men had various-sized cocks and skills so I was not always happy with this as my sex life.

Until the night I met my first black bull with his big black cock. This aggressive dominant black stud rough fucked me for his pleasure

giving me his Black Bull Creampies.

While my cuckold husband watching me getting creampied from this BBC. I found out afterward that Steve had cum multiple times in his pants watching.

That BBC Bull stretched my depths, during interracial cuckold breeding, to force all his cock inside me. Steve would drop to his knees and get his face really close to my pussy when he thought my black bull was ready to cum.

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