Guided masturbation makes study partner want BBC

Guided masturbation was how my boyfriend and I had been keeping the flame burning. It all began when he had to move eight hours away. He had been offered a job after completing his master’s degree. The job consisted of everything he wanted. The pay was incredible and it was something that he could never turn down. Nor would I ask him to. Even though I was still in college and couldn’t move with him, we agreed to stay committed to making things work. Besides, he was the first boy to have a dip into my little honey pot and I was totally hooked on his beautiful big black dick. We both made a pack that we would continue to keep things spicy between the two of us and we definitely did.

The first few months were seriously hard for both of us. When we lived in the same area we were used to fucking all the time. So, during those first few weeks, we were apart, I was always horny thinking about how good he would fuck me with that BBC. One night during phone sex I came so hard talking about how he would sneak in my window while my parents were sleeping right in the next room. Damn, I was missing that cock. After chatting with one of my good girlfriends, I went back to my boyfriend with some pretty naughty ideas. She said she and her boyfriend had been going through the same thing and suggested we try using Skype or something similar to keep things spicy. When I brought it up to my
boyfriend, he was totally into it.

Guided masturbation was even hotter with Skype

Since I hadn’t introduced Skype into our guide masturbation sessions, things were much hotter. We both enjoyed making each other cum through this new form of stimulation. There was something so hot about watching him follow my jerk-off instructions on Skype that would always make me cum. This one particular night, my study partner Ethan was there. We had a massive project that was due. My brain was on overload and I must admit I could have used a hot orgasm to cut some of the tension.

When my boyfriend called, he could instantly sense that I was overwhelmed. He suggested that I sneak off with my laptop and have a little naughty guided masturbation session. Knowing how badly I needed to cum, I agreed. I asked Ethan to excuse me while I went into the next room. After one of the hottest cum dripping guided masturbation calls, my boyfriend noticed that Ethan had been peeking through the door the whole time.

Embarrassed that he had been caught being a peeping Tom, Ethan slithered back into the living room and waited for me to come out. After ending my call with my boyfriend, I headed back into the living room where Ethan was. I’m sure big black cock fantasies had already begun to invade his head. I asked Ethan if he likes watching me play with my pussy while my boyfriend jerked his big black deck. He was trying to avoid Eye contact, as he murmured yes. I noticed that his cock was hard too. I talked about how hot it would be for him to be my BBC cuckold when my boyfriend came for the weekend.

Thoughts of being my new BBC cuckold!

I had already planted the seed and now the thoughts of him being my big black cock cuckold was all Ethan could think about. The night that my boyfriend was to arrive Ethan arrived early.  I told him exactly how I had planned to use him.  I told him just how I would make his fantasy of being my BBC cuckold come true. He was practically salivating. Are you ready to hear all the naughty details or do you have your own guided masturbation fantasy you want to explore?


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