Sven’s ready for his role in our bi cuckold!

Our bi cuckold was going wonderfully. Sven had been teased and tempted beyond all recognition, my pussy was thoroughly stretched, and Tyler was ready for a tight new hole.

   I was a bit worried about how tight Sven’s little hole was, but he had known going into this that there was a good chance he would be used hard by my bull. Tyler positioned himself behind my sub and started running his pussy soaked cock around Sven’s hole.

He was toying with my sub and I loved it!

Sven’s face was a mixture of fear and desire. He wanted that big black cock deep inside of him. He wanted to be used as only a bi cuckold could…without regard for him whatsoever. And oh Tyler was ready to do just that.

He kept the tip of his cock firmly pressed against Sven’s asshole for a few more seconds, making my sub wonder if it was his responsibility to take care of it. Just as Sven prepared to impale himself, Tyler pressed forward with everything he had.

Sven screamed and collapsed into the wedge I had placed under him as Tyler continued pounding his ass. I moved to the side to see as much of it as I could. My pussy was dripping wet as I watched my sub get raped by such a masculine onyx man.

     On Tyler’s glistening cock I saw a touch of red and I almost came! This no cuckold was completely worth my sub’s pain.

   Being the merciful woman that I am, I reached under my sub’s pelvis and encircled his half-diminished erection. I held my hand still, allowing Tyler to fuck his ass and push his cock in and out of my palm.

Will Sven get to cum? I’ll tell you if you call for some kinky bi cuckold phone sex!

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