Sven forgets his role in our bi cuckold!

Sven’s cock had become incredibly hard from the placement of my hand, I bet in his mind this bi cuckold was going exactly as he’d planned. A few more moments and he would cum. But this bi cuckold wasn’t about him. I released my whimpering sub and stood up. I grabbed Tyler from behind pulling him out of Sven’s ass with an audible “pop”.

Sven was beside himself. Tears were starting to form at the corners of his eyes. He knew that tonight he was not going to cum. I released Tyler a few inches from my sub’s face and then sat on Sven’s back, grabbing a handful of his hair to put his head into position for Tyler.

“Fuck him as hard as you like until you cum, Tyler, my sub seems to have forgotten his place.”

   And Ohhh did he ever!

Tyler slammed his entire cock down Sven’s throat, probably doing quite a bit of damage in the process. He kept a grueling pace for my sub. I sat there laughing hysterically in anticipation of the finale!

Tyler locked eyes with me and gave me a wink. He was ready, I was ready,

but we both knew Sven was nowhere near ready…

And then it was time. Tyler’s hands joined mine on Sven’s skull as Tyler seated himself completely in my sub’s throat. He made animalistic grunting noises as he ground his hips over and over, smashing Sven’s nose into his pubes.

   Sven couldn’t breathe but that hardly mattered at this point since Tyler’s balls were ready to explode. Tyler backed off, pulling his sick-out hastily. He held his cock tight in his right hand and stroked once.

That’s all it took.

He came all over Sven’s gasping, lost face. Tyler was magnificent at that moment. Every one of his corded muscles was straining, his head thrown back in ecstasy.

As an official end to our bi cuckold, Tyler gave Sven one last present. He dragged his hand through the cum on Sven’s cheek and told him he was a good little slut. And I knew we were all done for the night.

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