My first Girl on Girl cum eating came by way of wanting to please my man to the nines.   Tim talks about a threesome more often than I’ve ever been comfortable with.  But, I love him and want to fulfill his every fantasy…even if it makes me personally want to HURL!

I noticed Tim noticing my young Step Sister, Hanna whenever she came over to visit me at my apartment.  And she was not what we’d call the SHY-TYPE by way of her clothes.  With her perfect tits and tiny waist then, add to that an ass you could bounce coins on and you’ve got the makings of big trouble!

I can see his cock twitch everytime she’s within reach of it.  So, one night when we were fucking I told him I’d give her to him as a present and he nearly had a heart attack!  I thought it was a cute reaction and for weeks after, he kept bugging me about it.  I almost changed my mind.  Maybe I shouldn’t have fed into his fantasy.  At some point, I got to thinking he craved her MORE than he craved me!

I primed her for the surprise on Tim and when he walked into the bedroom on that fateful night he got more than he ever planned on.  I was face-down with her legs parted and my tongue deep inside her.  Who would’ve thunk it?  ME…turned on by my own baby sister?  Or, more so by my man wanting her so much it weakened him?

Tim stripped and joined in the fun without hesitation as both of us devoured him.  He fought the urge to baste us with his warm juices.

CUM EATING was my speciality and it was gonna be hers too!

Hanna knew about sex, but she’d fallen hard for Tim after he ate her cunt.  Both of them tried to hide it, but it was there, between us every time we were together.  I’d thought I’d given him the best present and then I found out; he’d planned on her being part of our future too.  I guess he planned on me being her fire-starter, but they didn’t always NEED me if you know what I mean.  Daddy always says, “A stiff dick has no conscience!”  Daddy’s hardly ever wrong.

When I found them together, I had no choice but to join in, or watch them ride off into the sunset, right?  WRONG!  I had some small plans of my own…involving Tim’s brother, Mark!  They were as tight as bros could be; but I don’t really need to educate you on Daddy’s saying about the stiff dick again, do I?

Tim has no idea what awaits him when he CUMS home tonight.  His favorite thing to do is dive deep into my cunt with his tongue nearly reaching my G-Spot on its own.  Only tonight, he’d get a mouthful of his big brother’s load from my cunt.  I can hardly wait!  Moreover, I was planning to steal away his favorite toy.  I was going to make her so dizzy from my licks that she’d never look back at Tim.

Time to try something new… Sweet Young Pussy and for now, it’s all mine to practice on.

Why? We all know I’m no fan of female cum eating, but if it got my man back where he belonged, I’d do it.  He needed to be taught a lesson about what happens when he strays too far away from me in pursuit of the ultimate load.  I don’t have any reason to suspect he would know what his brother tasted like, but…

He’d have a CUM EATING awakening from me!

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