It’s time for some rough sex at the glory hole.

You’ve been such a greedy little cock sucker lately but it’s time to step it up. You see, merely sucking cock isn’t enough anymore. Even a cuckold party isn’t enough for you now is it? I can see from the eager way that you drop down to your knees that you’re aching for so much more. You need rough sex in your sissy ass don’t you? You have to prove yourself to me first though. I’m not just going to hand over what you’ve been craving. Just because you can suck a dick, that doesn’t mean that you’re great at it. You know what they say, practice makes perfect. So get to sucking bitch!

Let’s go down to the local glory hole and put your oral skills to the test. Drop to your knees and open that mouth nice and wide. Use your tongue to twist up and down that shaft while you deep throat him. It isn’t a proper deep throating blow job unless his balls are hitting your chin. Let’s see those eyes water and your throat close up around that big swollen cock head. Slobber all over that dick and get it nice and wet. When he blows his load, make sure to swallow every single drop of that hot sticky cum.

Now that you’ve done a good job showing off your oral sex skills, it’s time for some rough sex for your sissy ass. The door to that dark room is going to open. Suddenly you’re going to be put down on your hands and knees and mounted from the back. Push back on that cock like the horny slut that we both know you are. Take it nice and deep bitch! I want to see every single inch of that cock disappear deep inside of you. Work that big dick until it cums deep inside of you.

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