Thanksgiving is the perfect time to plan a cuckold party.

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He understands that I am a total size queen but he doesn’t quite know the extent of it. Having a cuckold party will really drive that point home for him. He is going to have an up-close and personal view of my love for big dicks. I’m thinking that I want to have ten men join us. That way, everywhere I turn there will be a big thick juicy cock waiting for me. A little thanksgiving day triple penetration is in order. I can have one big dick in my mouth, one in my tight wet cunt, one in my ass, and one in each hand. The best part of all, is there will still be more rock-hard big dicks waiting for me.

I am so looking forward to being stretched open and absolutely drenched in cum. I want hot, sticky, creamy cum dripping out of each of my holes and covering every single inch of my naked body. My poor, horny husband will be allowed to watch from the corner and jerk his little dick off. Once I’ve had my fill of all those big delicious cocks, he gets to play clean-up crew. I’ll wriggle my finger to motion him over like the little sissy cuckold bitch that he is. Then he gets to kneel between my thighs and put that tongue to work. He knows better than to miss a single drop!

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