I love family sex stories with a touch of vengeance.

Dominating your father is one of the best family sex stories that you could have. My father always had this proud, king of the castle attitude. This was a problem for me because I was the queen and there was only room for one of us on the family throne. As my friends turned driving age, their parents all bought them cars. My birthday was coming up and I couldn’t help but hope. I knew that they had enough money, or at least, daddy did.

Not buying me a car would be unacceptable. My daddy was always very strict, but I didn’t know that he was a selfish prick. He knew that I wanted a car for my birthday. It didn’t even have to be a sports car! When my birthday came around, all my daddy handed me was an envelope with one hundred dollars in it. Not even enough to buy a car. He wronged me for the last time and he actually was amused by my disappointment.

He called me a spoiled little brat. That was it! I had my large and violence-prone friend come over. My mom was out with her friends, my big brother had moved out and my little sister was with a play date. We knew that my dad would come to check on us if we closed the bedroom door. As he walked in, Vinny grabbed my dad’s hands and pinned them behind his back. He pressed daddy’s face into the wall. I could tell that daddy didn’t have any experience with bdsm sex stories!

He didn’t look so proud now, he looked scared.

I sat there and watched as Vinny pulled down daddy’s pants and forced his thick cock into daddy’s asshole. Daddy squirmed and shouted, and he even cried a bit too. I was sure that he would take me seriously from then on. And I hoped that this little incident taught him humility. Some men just need to be broken. For some more femdom phone sex, read some more of my blogs.

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