All the sissy ass torture he needs.

Sissy ass torture always puts my submissive little bitch back in his place.  But it’s such a drag when he’s acting like a brat just to bait it out!  So when he’s being an extra pain in my ass, I make sure to cause extra pain in his.  Sometimes it’s all about some cruel Mistress BDSM play: breaking out all the toys and whips for his punishment.  But other times, it’s just going wild with some naughty fetish phone sex and training his ass.  For the most part, my little sissy slut loves baiting any response out of me.  So, I have to take it one step further every time.  Once “Jason” gets turned into “Jane,” the fun really begins because Jane’s little ass is all mine.

She tries and tries to tease a reaction out of me until it’s time to pay the price!  Maybe she can’t handle all the sissy ass torture that comes her way, but that’s the fun part.  See, I love being a little mean to my submissive pets, especially when they act up.  This sadistic streak meant I was more than ready to dish out all the pain slut torment of the night.  Once Jane ran her mouth about trying on a pair of pink panties, the games were on.  The whip came out.  I grabbed it from the drawer and sent a light lash right at her ass.  Instantly, her tone changed.  She knows I mean business when the whip comes out!

She eagerly got on her hands and knees.

And I picked out the perfect little outfit for her to change into.  With her ass in the air, she was already in the ideal position.  But I wanted her to be fully and properly dressed for the occasion.  Sissy ass torture isn’t as fun without the matching lingerie to set the scene.  So, I laid out a nice lingerie set on the bed for her.  I picked out a pale pink lace push-up bra, the kind from Victoria’s Secret that’s speckled in sparkles and glitter.  It looked like a ballerina’s dream bra, honestly.  And I knew Jane, my little sissy bitch, loved it.  Of course, the little thong was made of the same matching sparkly lace.  On top of that, I made her put on a set of tall black stiletto heels.  The heel strap was adorned with a similar pastel pink lace bow.

Oh, she looked like such a little ballerina bimbo slut.  She was dressed to please, and that’s exactly what she did.  Once she dressed completely in the lingerie I put out for her, she got back on her hands and knees.  With her ass in the air, I sent another set of harsh whip lashes at her cheeks.  She squealed so deliciously!  All that sissy ass torture hit the spot, and I could see her grow hard in her tiny lace thong.  And then I did it again.  SNAP!  The sound of the whip filled the room as I tortured her ass with it.  But the real fun was yet to begin.  When I caught Jane anxiously eyeing the bedside table drawers, it was time to escalate the punishment.

Then, the real sissy ass torture began.

Once I opened that drawer, the big toys came out to play.  First, I plucked out a nice, thick, vibrating, realistically shaped strap-on.  That hard, pink cock looked delicious when I put it right up against Jane’s lips.  She opened her mouth eagerly for me.  Of course, she knows what happens when she doesn’t instantly start sucking.  Once she got it dripping wet and ready, the sissy ass torture could really begin.  I circled her, my hard strap-on cock bobbing as I walked.  Click, click, click.  My heels came to a stop right behind her, and she felt the wet slap of that cock head against her ass.  With a gasp, she squirmed as I slid it in.

All that lube and saliva on it helped the strap-on push in so easily.  I stretched her ass with it and pounded her mercilessly.  That sissy ass torture was everything my submissive slut needed.  It put her right back in her place, and before long, she was whining, moaning, and begging for me to slow down.  But sissy sluts don’t get to ask me to slow down.  Her ass was mine to ream and torture for as long as I wanted.

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