Anal Sex Freak Gets Me My Favorite Afternoon Delight

Getting nervous and excited had become second nature to me.   Daddy and I had a running Wednesday afternoon date.  Of course, Tuesday night often found me dreaming about that 10-inch cock of his sliding deep into my ass while he gripped my hips. And of course, ass play had become a personal favorite  But last week’s date keeps running through me over and over.  Anal sex freak has been my most recent addiction feast.  Yummy…

Acting nervous and unsure of the situation I did as I was told.  And, then I placed my hands on the desktop as I leaned over I wriggled my ass a little. Of course, my inner anal sex freak was screaming in anticipation. And, then as I looked over my shoulder I wondered what Daddy had in mind.  That’s what he loved about me.  I liked acting like it was my first time.  Of course, we both knew how much of an anal sex freak I truly was. He lifted my skirt up and draped it over my back.  Stockings encased shapely legs and my panty-covered curvy ass. Of course, running his hands over bare skin created a shiver in my body.

The Anal Sex Freak is also Your Naughty Phone Mistress

Taking hold of my panties in both hands he slowly slid them down.  Which, of course,  bared my flawless ass.  I gasped as he caressed my bottom. Kneeling down behind me he lovingly placed kisses along the crack.  And, then he nibbled his way down my crack as moans and groans fell from my throat.   Dipping a tongue in my ass made my legs begin to tremble.

With my entire body trembling he put both hands on my ass.  And, then his strong fingers gently pried my cheeks open.  “Oh, Daddy, that feels so amazing.”. He loved admiring my cute rosebud just before probing a tongue deep. Letting out a soft scream I began rolling my hips.  Licking his way from anus to vagina my pussy was soaking wet in minutes.  Breathing rapidly I moaned and begged for his hard cock.  Daddy’s anal sex freak was very happy.

Are You Ready to Play?

Standing up behind me he pushed his pants down to his ankles.  And, then big Daddy pushed a finger into my ass to get it ready for his hard flesh.  As he finger fucked me my body went rigid.  It took a moment as I adjusted to anal penetration.  Of course, even anal sex freaks need a little prep.

Hot Phone Sex Cranks up the Volume

“Oh Daddy”, came screaming out of my throat.  His hard cock slammed into my ass.  Looking back over my shoulder I smiled at him.  Pushing back against him as he grabbed a hand full of my hair.  With his other hand on my hip, he rode me like to an explosive orgasm.  Pulling out his hot juice dripped down my legs as I collapsed on the floor.  As my body continued to shake in the aftermath of my orgasm I smiled as I felt Daddy’s cock getting hard again.  As I turned onto my back his cock was suddenly in my face.  Smiling down at me Daddy said, “Be a good girl and clean Daddy’s cock”.  Opening my mouth wide I felt my pussy fill with juice as his flesh slide deep.  Of course, Daddy’s anal sex freak is feeling extra happy.

Daddy, Your Anal Sex Freak is Waiting