Naughty Phone Mistress.  Her voice.  Her story.

Are you longing for your naughty phone mistress? “Hi, this is Chanel.” Who am I? I’m the woman you pass on the street who smiles at you. I’m your best friend with that tiny secret you wonder about. Ultimately, I’m every woman—a lover of fantasy and erotic role play. I’m a goddess of romance and raw animal sex and someone who sees life in bright colors.  Mysterious and sexy. I’m the woman you long for when you search for that perfect voice and face.  And, I’m the one that is the answer to finding your deepest pleasure.

The key to a great phone sex session starts before the phone rings.  Setting up my space is essential. How do I set up space? I begin by taking a long hot shower.  And, of course, when I’m standing under that hot water pouring down onto my naked body, I stroke my hands over all my yummy places. I make sure I’m ready to lean back and be what you desire.  With the act of becoming what you desire, I also access my deep pleasure.  Mutual pleasure shifts a call into erotic high gear.  As the phone rings, I lean back and get excited when a creative regular is on the other end of the phone—purring as I set up the call.

Phone Sex Operator gets More than She bargained for

My body starts to quiver when I think about what the Master will require of me this time.  You call back and tell me in a commanding voice to strip down and get on my knees.   Of course, I don’t dare disobey.  After all, you are the Master.   With a tingling and wet fuck hole, I kneel at your feet.  You tell me to take your cock deep.  I feel the slide of that swollen cock deep in my throat.  My eyes begin to tear, and I can feel my gag reflex kicking in. Concentrating, I manage to reverse the gag so that my throat muscle moves down instead of up my throat.  With deep pleasure at my cock milking throat muscles, I feel a rush of fluid filling my dripping wet pussy.

The Master’s strong hands grip the back of my head and push my nose against his groin.  And, then, his loud growl of pleasure as his cock explodes with hot cum fuels my pleasure to deepen as well.

Are You Ready to Meet Your Naughty Phone Mistress?

Being the good little slutty phone sex operator becomes easier and more natural with every call.  Using sex toys sometimes helps to dive deeper into the fantasy. Still kneeling naked with a 10-inch dildo down my throat, I can hardly wait for the next naughty instruction that will bring me to a screaming orgasm for my Master...

That is the truly fantastic thing about phone sex – the pleasure and the fun. It’s all about diving into your fantasy at a level beyond our wildest dreams. I’ve always been interested in hearing what turns people on. I’ve always believed that all of us have a part of deep in our body and soul where all our erotic fantasies are held.  When you decide to call me, I have the key to unlocking all those fantasies.  And, then the chemistry between you and I transform those fantasies into real pleasure on the phone.

Masters of Sex is just a phone call away.

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