You didn’t know forced sex was on the menu!

But that’s the thing about forced sex that is so fucking hot: you never know when it’s coming! I could claim that you brought this on yourself, or that this has been a long time coming, but the truth is that you simply pushed me too far. You’ve let me down and you’ve been dishonest with me, slut.

Be honest, your cock twitched and dripped as I restrained you, didn’t it, you pathetic little worm? You thought you were going to have my pussy lips draped across your mouth, my puckered little how seated directly on your nose. Somewhere in that delusional mind of yours you honestly believed you had earned a treat in my eyes. That just shows what a manipulative twat you are. You should have been writhing in agony at the thought of deceiving me, but no, you were too selfish to honor me.

And now you’re going to pay you nasty, rotten little boy. Today you truly become a bitch. For as disgusting and pathetic as you are, you’ve never thought of yourself as a cum dumpster.

That was your mistake.

You are whatever I make you, whore. You are a sissy, a sub, a slave, a slut, a nasty little hole to be fucked by whoever I allow! I own you from the second you hear my voice to the second I leave you in a disgusting heap, and you cannot hide from me. So now here we are you; hogtied with your vulnerable asshole high in the sky, me; smiling my most devious smile as the bull who is going to rape you enters the room.

Are you ready for your forced sex, slut? Hahahaha of course not. But you’re going to watch as I suck the massive cock that’s going to rip you in half, and you’re going to thank me for getting it nice and wet. As you scream and beg for mercy my pussy is going to be dripping. As you suffer during your forced sex, I’ll be getting off to the humiliation and pain that any “straight” man would feel while being raped. Oh god, get your ass in here and let’s begin!


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