Transform with me, my fetish freaks!

I was gorgeous. I’d dressed like I was straight out of your personal fetish…Sex in high heels, if you can imagine. My dark hair was pulled back in a high ponytail, my body wrapped in a tight red latex dress, and each time my heels hit the ground it commanded attention with as much authority as if I was cracking a whip. You felt me before you saw me. It was almost as if I was a sleeping voice in your head that had finally uncurled and woke up as I had always secretly been there.

You turned around with a confused look on your face, your brows drawing together as though you were straining to resist me. We couldn’t have that, so I reached out, gently running my finger down your arm before catching you with my nail at the last second. I could smell the blood instantly, and god it was ambrosia! After a few hundred years, you run out of things to truly enjoy if you don’t find a fetish to really exploit.

You didn’t even flinch as the blood started to pool. You were too busy losing yourself in my bottomless eyes. I turned on my heel, then and started walking to a corner of the room, giving your mind a light tug, and I was certain you were following.

I could feel the lust and enthrallment pouring off of you and it was making me fucking hungry!

We got to the far wall of the club, away from the bar but still very close to the dance floor, and I shoved you up against the wall. You didn’t make a noise, so I pulled back my influence on your thoughts. I want you to be able to fully experience this fetish of mine. As my fog receded from your thoughts, you seemed hesitant for a split second. Then you looked me up and down and seemed to think you had scored big during a small blackout.

I let you keep that fantasy for a few short seconds, and then I sank to my knees in front of you. Hahaha, How lucky you thought you were in that moment. This stunningly sexy lady about to suck you off next to hundreds of people…you even had the audacity to wrap your fingers in my ponytail.

That move cost you more than you know, sweetie.

I looked up at you with as much fake sweetness as I could muster, and then right before I turned my head back to your groin, I flashed my natural eyes, bright red pupils drowning in blackness. I felt you flinch. You saw it but didn’t quite believe it yet. Oh silly, conceited boy. For your transgressions, you will be my creature until I have used you to the last drop!

Your pants were shoved halfway down your thigh faster than you could comprehend, and my lips were approaching that cock of yours before your brain could really catch up. The last human words you said were “Fuck, yes” as I leaned forward and licked the bottom side of your dick from balls to tip. You couldn’t quite see, but during that lick, my fangs had been growing, so by the time I got to the top, I was ready. I sank my fangs deep into the tender meat of your thigh, right next to your balls…

Be sure to come back for part 2, or call me for fetish phonesex and we can make up whatever ending we want…

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