Fetishes keep my life interesting.

To me, fetishes are sexual quirks, just slight nuances that some people have. Everyone has quirks in their day to day life, from loving the smell of a new pair of shoes to hating the sound of a fork scraping against a plate.

So why does society try to shame you for having those in bed(or wherever passion strikes)? You’ll experience none of that with me! Your freak flag fucking drives me wild!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, hearing your passion over fetishes is my fetish. It’s my number one kink.

    Listening to you stroke your cock and make excited little noises as I describe exactly what you need to hear gets my pussy so fucking wet. You know I’m going absolutely wild for your fetishes when my voice gets slow and sultry…when the Goddess comes out to play.

   If you’ve had fetish phone sex with me then you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t called me yet, go check out my other fetish story and get a little taste of my sweet, captivating voice.

     I want you to feel as comfortable as possible when you tell me what drives you wild, so please believe me when I say your fetishes are my fetishes. Anything you can possibly think of, so long as you can describe exactly how hot it makes you feel, is my fetish.

    My body reacts so acutely to your excitement. When you say “God, yes” my nipples harden to long, firm points, just ready to be twisted and sucked on. When you say “How could you possibly know…” my wet little pussy practically drips for you. When you moan low and deep, my pussy clamps down so hard that it sometimes pushes my toy out.

   And in the moments of your absolute bliss, I lose complete control of myself imagining that white-hot spunk being milked directly from your dick to my mouth. Your release completes me, and out of all fetishes, getting you off to your fetish is my favorite!

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