I know you love foot fetish as much as I do!

I’ve been waiting for you, love. I knew you wouldn’t keep me waiting too long. You crave me too much, and because you’ve been such a good boy I’ve got a treat for you. I know how into foot fetish you are.

So, I’ve prepared my body exactly how you love it: my pussy is shaved bare, my body supple and eager, my long sleek legs are smooth and ready to wrap themselves around you, and to top it all off I got a pedicure today.

    My little tiny toenails are nice and shiny for you. A light purple polish to make them stand out while I do naughty things to you with my feet. Oh and how they massaged me from my toes to my ankles before they helped make them as soft as possible for you.

   It was like they were teasing me like they knew how much you were going to worship me later. So please, love, show me how much you adore them. Let me sit down for you so you can bury yourself in them. Get down on your knees in front of me and help me get out of these shiny black heels.

     I love watching you run your hands across my sexy shoes and the way you breathe in the leather scent before you unwrap the hypnotic treasure beneath. Yes, love, soak it all in, grip my calf ever so gently as you slide first my heel and then eventually my whole foot out of the stilettos. You’re so close to your gift. Carefully set my shoes to the side and you can have these delicious feet.

Yes. They’re all yours now. Anything you want me to do with them, I will.

But it’s not entirely what I can do to you with them that excites you, is it? No, it’s what you want to do to them. You want to touch every inch of soft skin, suck each of those delicate little toes, and rub your hot, hard cock all over them, don’t you? Let your foot fetish get the best of you and indulge.

   Do it. Let me feel your tongue all over my hypersensitive toes. God, yes. Let me feel you gently fuck yourself between my arches as you hold my feet together. You can see my pussy wide open as you thrust between my feet, can’t you? Do you see how wet you’re making me? That exquisite pleasure on your face as my feet grasp you is enough to make me cum.

Oh god, you’re so hard right now. I can see the desire practically dripping from you. You push my knees apart and bend them so you’re fucking my arches right above my pussy. The tip of your cock brushing my clit every once in a while. I see you staring at my purple toenails as you thrust slowly between shapely feet. Mmm, I can almost feel your white-hot cum shooting all over my slick pussy lips.

    I hope you enjoyed your gift, pet, I know I certainly did!

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