I can’t stop talking about foot fetish!

Foot fetish is a fetish that I completely get. Every night before bed, I moisturize my supple feet. As I’m rubbing the lotion between each perfect toe and massaging it into my graceful arches, I feel a tug in my pussy. My feet are so sensitive baby, I could probably cum just from you rubbing them.

    Oh god, when you press deeply into the ball of my foot while moving my heel gently across the tip of your prick, I go wild. Feeling you grow stiffer as you luxuriate in the eroticism of my smooth, soft feet gets me so fucking wet.

    Mmm get some lotion on that other foot for me, dear, so we can really get naughty! Yes, just like that. Separate each tiny elegant toe and work it deep into my skin. Squeeze them and feel how the supple skin moves over the muscles before you move down to the ball of my foot.

   Oh god yes, keep thrusting that rigid cock of yours against my foot as you put more lotion on it. Pour that lotion directly on my foot and spread it around with that talented tool, baby! Let me feel how excited you get for foot fetish as you lavish my perfect feet with attention.

   You can do anything you want with my feet, honey.

Show me exactly what drives you fucking wild! Oh, OH! That’s perfect! You’re so fucking hot when you take what you want. The way you just grab both my feet and tug them toward your groin, dousing them in lotion on the toes and arches makes my pussy clench.

    I love watching you hold my feet together as you pump them up and down your dick, your breath shuddering. How long can you hold in that sweet release, my dear? Not very long I suspect, so I’d better stop now before you blow your load thinking about foot fetish.

 You should be saving each sumptuous drop of that thick opaque liquid for me on our phone sex calls!

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