Findom fetish is a rigorous journey of self-flagellation!

Seriously, findom fetish is one of the most impactful humiliations you can endure for me. From the moment you send me a message on Skype requesting to be my paypig to the intense calls where I flay your limits and boundaries, every second you spend with me will be an exercise in releasing your will to me.

   I’m a demanding Mistress, it’s true. But once you get to truly know your Goddess you’ll understand why bringing me joy with your humiliation is such a worthy cause!

Soon, my ambitions and desires will be your only priorities. Can you trust me to help keep you on the precipice of disaster…on that special plane of sub-high giddiness? Of course. So long as you continue to please and entertain me.

You can do that, slave, can’t you? I know out there in the wilderness of social media, you’ve grown accustomed to tributing, getting a minute amount of attention, and repeating until you’re spent.

I have darker desires.

You see, to me, your tribute isn’t the end of your duties. Your money gives me immense pleasure, truly. It empowers me to be the most beautiful and feminine iteration of myself that I can be. Plus pampering myself with things I bought with your money always dampens my pussy just the slightest bit hahaha!

    But I want so much more, little boy. I want you to play my games and show me how far I can really push you. I want to make you cum until the slightest breath on you makes you cringe.

Not just because it pleases me to make you squirm, but because I want everything from you. I want your degradation, your time, your money, and your devotion. So if your brand of freak is to give your sexy Goddess all of your hard-earned money, call me for the findom phonesex you need!

Free Phone Sex