I’m a woman who knows her worth, that’s why FinDom fetish is the perfect fit for me!

When you look at me, do you see a woman who has time for petty men and their ulterior motives? If you do, you need your vision checked, because I have no time for that shit. You want me, I want money…and here we are. If you want to play with me, you’ve got to pay your dues. My true fetish PayPigs know what I mean…

And you love it. You just love to be divested of all of that hard-earned money you made. To give me, the object of your desire, all that you can, God that must make you feel so pathetic. Other men just crave my beauty and sexuality…but you prove time and time again that you understand what your Goddess really craves and that debasing yourself to give it to me is just your nature. That little cock of yours gives you away every time. Of course, when the need strikes you to tithe your Mistress, I may choose not to touch your cock at all if you don’t really dig deep to impress me.

Let me tell you a little story about a time that my fetish freak really learned that lesson.

Last year, my slutty little piggy and I were supposed to get together for some fun. I had planned to take his money and go luxuriate in the gifts he had brought me but instead, I ended up training him in how to properly treat me. Oh, how he thought he was a big roller when he showed up with $50 and a monstrosity of ropes that he claimed were supposed to form some slutty underwear.

If you could only have seen the rage on my face, piggy. You know better. I was beside myself at the insult. It wasn’t a gift. Fuck sentiment when respect is being trampled. I angrily shoved the gift back in the bag and slid it back across the table. Then I took a deep breath, calming myself to deal with my ignorant little boy.

“This fetish means something to me. Yes, I love taking money I don’t need from you. I love expensive perfumes and exotic chocolates…but this is just fucking disrespectful. I’m more than some whore you throw money at, and even if I was…$50 is NOT cutting it! I expect my piggies to keep financial order in their lives so that they can always give me what I crave. If you can’t handle that, then I might as well go.”

Then I was given the tithing that I really wanted…to see my pathetic worm try to backpedal and do anything he could to make amends.

By the time I left him there, dripping and twitching, I had $400 and a gift card to one of the best sushi bars in town and he had kept himself from being completely ignored forever.

At this point little piggy, you may be thinking…I can’t afford that large of an offering. Well, sweetie, it’s all about context. This sub was meeting me in person. Something I don’t do anymore. He was also making enough that this should have been the amount he gave me from the beginning. When you play with me your wallet should hurt. You should feel like you are blessed to be the ground beneath my feet. And you definitely should start by offering the most respectful tithing you can. But you should not be in financial ruin over it. That would make you a step below pathetic, and don’t get me wrong. I’m a bitch and get off even harder when you do cause yourself discomfort to please me, so I’ll gladly still take your money and watch you squirm.


It’s time to prove your devotion, my little pathetic slave, leave your tribute and in return, I will give you the most erotic phone sex experience your perverted heart can take!


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