Rough sex can be good even when it’s ‘bad’!

They knew she wanted rough sex now…They could smell her arousal and her blood. Looking back and forth between the two, Anita realized that all bets were off. Fear and blood, they could handle, but lust and blood was a different story…
At least Anita had one thing going for her: They had no idea that Richard and herself had taken their bond even further and they had created a triumvirate with the Master of the City, Jean Claude. She could feel his intrigue piquing at the scents, just like the kitties were.

All Anita had to do was wait until sunset when Jean rose for the evening. As tempting as the sex and violence were, his rational mind would prioritize her safety…but the odds of withholding from rough sex that long without permanent damage were bleak.

Marcus must have sensed her lack of attention because two barely human hands cupped her face on either side, forcing her to look deep into a set of crazed amber eyes. There was still a dispassionate aura to him but there was also something very sinister going on deep in his mind, some fantasy getting played out that Anita was pretty sure she wanted nothing to do with.

He pulled the dagger out of Anita and replaced it with his hand, his half transformed claws tearing the edges of the wound. Anita writhed in agony but refused to make a sound. She started wishing that these assholes would just use phone sex to get all of this violence out of their system! But…

She had promised to protect her ward and that’s what she intended to do.

Reina was naked now, completely lost in the eroticism of the scents. She raked her own claws down her tits and over her hips, leaving red streaks in their wake. Anita just managed to lock eyes with her as she licked the blood off of her own hands. There must have been disgust in Anita’s eyes because Reina let out a loud yowl as her body began to quiver. She was barely holding her human form! If Marcus wasn’t lost in his own exploration, he could have easily subdued Reina’s beast, but no, he was wrist deep in Anita’s puncture wound…this was going to be really rough sex if Reina got her way.

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