Sucking dick 101 for closeted faggots like you.

Do you ever find yourself thinking about sucking dick? Sucking a Ladycock? Maybe it’s because you have been forced to deep throat one giant, hard cock after another by your Mistress — or maybe it’s just a fleeting reverie about wrapping your lips around a nice big dick. As a result, either way, you are DEFINITELY hungry for cock.

For most of us, sucking cock is a very important part of life. And just like pretty much everything else in life (especially things that take skill and dedication) practice makes perfect.

Luckily for you, I have an absolutely fag-tastic pre-blowjob regimen JUST for YOU. It turns even the most reluctant (i.e., most in denial) into insatiable, cum-guzzling cock fiends!

And it’s only 2 steps. So basic, it should even be accessible to those of you who are already SO obsessed with cocks and sucking them that you can’t think about anything else!

STEP 1: Affirmations!

Think of these as self-fulfilling prophecies best said them in front of a mirror and repeated twice a day. I recommend simple, concise phrases such as “I love sucking dick” or “I NEED to suck a big, hard dick” or “I am only TRULY satisfied while sucking another man’s dick!

STEP 2: Practicing on a toy. Seems like you might not be able to get it in very far in the beginning — but with daily practice, that dildo will be massaging the deepest part of your (oh SO hungry!) throat before you know it.

Bonus points for trainees who choose toys that look and feel just like the real thing. All the better to prepare you for showtime!!

And if you REALLY wanna take it to the next level, there’s this technology miracle: a hyper-realistic suction-able and (most importantly) cum-shooting dildo. Does a more rewarding investment exist?? For that reason, I don’t think so. And definitely not for you!!

You will become addicted to sucking my cock! Come and see for yourself if you don’t believe me because we both know what the conclusion will be don’t we? Consequently, I’m right here, waiting for your femdom phonesex call!