As our cuckold sex stories continued, I upped the things I would require of my husband. I loved being fucked by many different partners and making my husband watch. One day I decided we were going to try something new with the next playmate I brought home.

When we were out searching the next time, I focused on the men at the bar that were interacting with their buddies in a close way. Watching them seeing who interacted in a very “comfortable” way. I was watching 2 such gentlemen and they were gloriously handsome. Time to add more to stories to help me with cuckold phone sex.

Their names were Bruce and John. They were both 28 years old and currently single. We started talking and I shared with them about our relationship and explained the cuckold aspect. Seeing they were very intrigued and turned on, I came right out and asked if they were willing to have interactions with my husband.

The response was immediate, Hell yea!

We left the bar and went back to our home. I had my husband make our drinks while the boys and I got to know each other a little better. They were such handsome men. I loved how they touched each other and me. Once my husband was sitting in his chair across from us, we undressed and started oral sex.

I was loving the interaction and then I had an incredible idea! Since the boys seemed so into each other I was going to force my husband to be with them. Tonight, I would get to watch the action!

I looked at my husband and told him to get undressed. He was confused, and I happily spelled out my plan for the evening. You could see the horror on his face. Yes, I was loving this! I told him it was his job to do as I command. He knew he had no choice and got undressed. It was a new twist on our threesome sex stories.

The boys welcomed him onto the couch. Bruce and John started to touch and kiss on him. I told him I wanted to see him suck their cocks. He got down on his knees and they stood in front of him. These boys very excited to be here, and their dicks were rock hard. I guided Bruce’s cock to his mouth and he took it in. As he was gagging, and I showed him how to relax his throat muscles. We were impressed that he was doing such a good job. Bruce was ready to climax, and I told my husband to swallow every drop.

Obeying me, he swallowed every drop of that cum.

Once Bruce came I helped to guide John’s cock into my husband’s mouth. He was much better the second time around. While he was sucking John’s cock, Bruce lubed up to fuck my husband. I told my husband to stand and bend over. You could see the fear in his eyes as he realized what was coming as I was spreading his ass cheeks for Bruce. He was such a nice guy and was gentle with my husband knowing it was his first time. My husband was sucking dick and crying at the same time! Damn, this was a great cuckold sex story experience.

I wanted my husband to cum with dick in both holes, so I got down and started to suck his cock. He moaned because he could never resist by blowjobs. As the boys were edging toward climax my husband was moaning in ecstasy. Knowing he was close, he shot the biggest load as the boys filled him with cum.

This night was so much, and my husband was a very good servant for me. We thanked the boys and sent them home. If you enjoyed this story and want to hear more call me for GILF phone sex with no taboos.

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