Forced sex; Now YOU’RE The One Being Forced For Being Such A Tease

Forced sex can go the other way around, ya know.  you never thought you’d be this afraid while staring down multiple cocks.  You’d sucked all of them, as you were instructed, and now it was time for them to decide whether or not to finish the job.  Who could say no to a free hole?  Especial one that lied to them AND teased them?  Well, certainly not the first guy you sucked off.

His hands grab either side of your head and he commands you to suck his cock again.

You open your mouth, barely able to handle his full length again once it’s rammed down your throat again.  He’s fucking your mouth like a pussy, not caring that you’re a guy, too.  You have no one to blame but yourself for this.  You literally asked for it.

You hear me remind the other guys that your mouth isn’t your only hole.

You feel a pair of large hands wrap around your waist and pull your ass into place.  You hear someone spit and something hard and unrelenting presses forward, not bothering to wait to see if you can even take it.  You have no choice.  He plunges deep inside you and moans in approval of your tight little passageway.  Then he starts to fuck you, pounding you, owning you, taking you without so much as asking.  He wants to give you his cum.  They all want to give you their cum as the rest circle around you and demand attention with your mouth and hands.

You stroke and fuck and suck and lick as you are bombarded by dicks that YOU made this raging.  Then it happens; rockets of cum spray in, on, and all around you as your slutty efforts drain them for all they’re worth.

Forced sex never felt so good.  Now on to the cum eating.  Call my phone sex line for that. *wink*