BI-CUCKOLD He Forced Me To Eat Her Pussy and I Liked It!

My husband and I use to have a great sex life. We would experiment and have fun doing so. Like we would play around with food and sex toys. We had even gotten to the point where he enjoyed taking it up the ass as much as I loved Anal Sex! So it’s time for some bi-cuckold fun.

I am not even joking that once we decided to open our relationship up it has been amazing! We keep it very limited though. Him fucking me and her or me watching him fuck her. We never let other men play in case my husband gets too jealous. I have never wanted to fuck another woman so we have always had hard limits about that.

That is until one night when my husband changed all our rules. He called me and told me to meet him at the hotel we used for playing. I showed up wearing something really daring and sexy. I was very pleased with how well I was looking for that night. After all, I was competing against all these younger more adventuristic type women.

She was so beautiful!

I knocked on the door and this drop-dead gorgeous redhead opened the door. She smiled and said you must be the wifey? I could not make myself answer clearly. She was so beautiful that I was in awe of her. She brought me a drink and told me to sit down that my husband would return shortly he went for some special little treats.

When he opened the door arms full of the bag after bag of toys. What the hell was going on here? I asked myself. He told me to get naked and tie up our red-headed friend. He wanted her to spread apart arms and wrist tied. I did as he told me to do and she was very cooperative.

He was changing the rules!

I had seen him play like this a couple times before it usually led to him fucking her hard. After completing my task I saw he was going to be changing the rules because he had that devil may care look that makes my pussy wet and throbbing!

I was right he forced me to go down on her and eat that pussy like I was starving! She thrust her hips upward as if begging for my mouth on her as I climbed between her legs.

I hated him at that moment for not honoring my request not to fuck other girls. Instead of being pissed at him. I just started by eating her pussy. I licked her clit and ran my tongue all the way to her asshole. She was shaking violently and trying to break loose. He kept forcing my head into her pussy but I actually liked it. I wanted to lick her more even after she came all over my face!

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