Public Sex with Dawn at the Spa was Awesome! You Want To Know …?

Dawn was building my climax as she massaged my pussy deeply. Her fingers were just spreading my lips apart to find that sensitive nub when a handsome businessman walked in. He was about to descend into the vacated tub when Dawn in her flirty voice asked him to join us. He obviously realized our entangled bodies was an invitation to more than just the pool. He looked around and saw that all the pools were empty. He flashed a half grin bearing white teeth in his dark face.
Lowering his body into the tub, Dawn stopped him by stepping up between his legs. She quickly leaned in for a kiss massaging his crotch. She was not wasting any time on small talk, LOL! I laid back with my aching pussy and watched as she manipulated this stranger so effortlessly. Soon she had his pants off and her dick wrapped around his cock! I was fingering my pussy with my tits out of my suit floating seductively on the water. The man was staring at me as he enjoyed every second of Dawn’s tongue!
I needed some of that cock too!
Before he could cum I grew jealous I had to get me some too. So leaned into his cock and Dawn pulled it into my mouth. His hands found both of our heads as our tongues entangled over his dick. We were enjoying it so much that we did not stop when he began cumming. He showered our faces and tongues. We lay back in the tub laughing like teenagers. We introduced ourselves and I admitted that I was still in serious need of an orgasm.
Dawn, smiling and always ready to play leaned across and began sucking my nipples and rubbing my clit. I realized the man was hard again. I told him I needed his cock inside me. I bent Dawn over the edge of the pool and began fingering her pussy as he bent me over Dawn and started banging mine! It was a fantastic chain that led to us all exploding at the same time! With every thrust of his cock, he thrust my fingers deeper inside her wet tight hole!
Wow, public sex is so exhilarating!
Wow, public sex is awesome because just as we were all climaxing a group of old biddies came in and got the shock of their life. For a while after that incident, the Quapaw noticed a larger sales growth to businessmen!
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